Third-year veterinary student, Sarah Wright, and Laura Rasche, Class of 2020 at the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine.

Helping Out at ExoticsCon 2018

Oct 29, 2018 / Student Blogs

Sarah Wright, third-year veterinary student, and Laura Rasche, a veterinary student at the University of Georgia, pose together before learning more about Hybrid Aquatics at ExoticsCon  Last month I had the opportunity to assist with the facilitation for the wet labs for the Association of Amphibian and Reptilian Veterinarians (ARAV) at ExoticsCon 2018 in Atlanta,...

[new treatments for osteoarthritis]

Treatment of Equine Osteoarthritis: The New Frontier

Oct 24, 2018 / Student Blogs

Research Will Bring New Ways to Manage OA This is the third installment in my series about equine osteoarthritis. So far I have covered the pathophysiology behind osteoarthritis (OA) as well as some treatment options available to improve the comfort and joint health of our equine athletes. While there is no cure for OA, we...

[osteoarthritis treatment in horses]

Management of Osteoarthritis in the Equine Athlete

Oct 24, 2018 / Student Blogs

There are many options for management of OA I have already reviewed normal joint function and the ways osteoarthritis (OA) can develop and progress in our equine companions. While there is no cure for OA, we are lucky to have many tools available to manage the associated clinical signs and slow the progression of the...

[osteoarthritis in horses]

Osteoarthritis and the Equine Athlete

Oct 24, 2018 / Student Blogs

Osteoarthritis can affect any horse, at any age When you picture a horse with arthritis, what comes to mind? Is it an older, wizened, retired horse with a sway back plodding along in a field? A 10-year-old Warmblood dressage horse who has performed well but is having difficulty moving up to the next level? Or...

[corneal ulcers - horses]

Keeping an Eye Open for Corneal Ulcers

Oct 24, 2018 / Student Blogs

Most horses will experience a corneal ulcer Coming out to the barn and finding your horse squinting and excessively tearing from one eye is enough to cause any horse owner to worry. Injuries to the eye and surrounding areas of the head and face are relatively common in horses due to their inquisitive nature and...

[Jen Tito with kitten]

Summer Experience Builds Confidence

Oct 13, 2018 / Student Blogs

Banfield student job program It is important for vet students to gain clinical experience over our breaks. In the Illinois program, we are fortunate to have clinical rotations early in the curriculum, but often on first-year rotations students are just observers with hospital patients and practice hands-on skills with manikins. First- through third-year classes are...

[shelter medicine trip to Rhodes 2018]

Trip to Greece Delivers Hands-on Learning

Sep 26, 2018 / Student Blogs

This summer, Shelter Medicine faculty, staff, and students volunteered their time and service to help homeless animals on the island of Rhodes, Greece. The team provided physical examinations on all shelter animals located at the Rhodes Animals Shelter, diagnostic testing (skin cytology, blood smears, UA, CBC/chem), sterilization surgeries, behavioral assessment tests, and preventative care. The  2018...

AQUAVET® III Provides Hands-On Learning Experience

Sep 17, 2018 / Student Blogs

The past five weeks I had the honor of participating in AQUAVET® III: Clinical Aspects of Captive Aquatic Animal Medicine. The course is offered through Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine and takes place at the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, Ga.; the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine in Athens, Ga.; and Dolphinaris in...


Two Weeks at Dolphin Discovery

Aug 29, 2018 / Student Blogs

“Un pequeño.” Those are the words I repeatedly said through my two weeks in Cozumel, Mexico. It means “a little,” and it was my response to being asked if I speak Spanish. I have taken Spanish in college and high school, but I still struggle when listening to it. Almost all of the employees at...

Our 2018 Tanzanian Experience

Aug 20, 2018 / Student Blogs

A note from the program organizer, Dr. Margarethe Hoenig:This program would not have been possible without the collaboration with Professor Muhairwa at the Sokoine Agricultural University Department of Veterinary Medicinein Morogoro. We thank Anthony Mhandoand Dr. Nickson Ng’umbiand the local veterinary officers for their daily assistance. We could not have done this without our wonderful...