July 2023

Pork magazine (May 17) – Although the lessons learned are different for each stakeholder group, Yvette Johnson-Walker, DVM, and senior lecturer in the Department of Veterinary Clinical Medicine at the University of Illinois College of…
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Liquid Biopsy in Veterinary Oncology

July 31, 2023 / Practitioner Updates

Figure from: Liquid Biopsy, Lone SN, et al. Molecular Cancer 21, 79 (2022). Used under the Creative Commons license: creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/ What Is Liquid Biopsy and How Can It Help Our Patients?   Liquid biopsy is…
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New Wildlife Residency Shows Value

July 31, 2023 / In the News

Chicago Sun-Times (July 28) – Dr. John Winter, a 2022 graduate of the College of Veterinary Medicine, is the first resident in the nation’s first wildlife residency program accredited by the American College of Zoological…
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Drs. Ana Nobrega, Heather McCrary, and Sandra Yucupicio with foal, Buddy.

Happy Ending for Preemie Foal

July 24, 2023 / Patient Stories

Drs. Ana Nobrega, Heather McCrary, and Sandra Yucupicio pose with foal, Buddy, while taking a walk through the Veterinary Teaching Hospital. By Mel Fletcher, CVT Buddy had a lot stacked against him. He was born…
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UI Trustees Approve New Veterinary Cancer Wing

July 21, 2023 / In the News

News-Gazette (July 21) – The University of Illinois Veterinary Teaching Hospital is going to get bigger soon — by 23,227 square feet, according to a plan approved Thursday by the UI Board of Trustees. The…
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Get to Know Sara Dinnin

July 19, 2023 / Get to Know

Sara Dinnin is an animal care technician for the College of Veterinary Medicine. When did you begin working at the College of Veterinary Medicine?I started working at vet med back in 2008 as extra help,…
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Veterinary Student Selected for Farm Bureau Loan

July 19, 2023 / In the News

Illinois AgriNews (July 18) – Madison Andrae, a member of the DVM Class of 2026 at the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine, was recently selected by the Illinois Farm Bureau IVET Committee as…
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