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Several Illinois veterinary students attended the regional conference of the CVMF in January.

I am lucky to be a part of the Illinois chapter of Christian Veterinary Mission Fellowship, where we hold weekly Bible studies and outreach events. In January I had the opportunity to attend our regional…
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annie davis tossing her graduation cap into the air

Many Paths to Veterinary School

December 19, 2022 / Student Blogs

When I was a brand-new high school graduate with big dreams to become a veterinarian, my undergraduate work seemed like the most important thing to my future career. I was hyperaware of the pressure to…
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Raya Boyd

Comparative Biosciences Graduate Student Spotlight: Raya I. Boyd

October 31, 2022 / Comparative Biosciences News

By studying the mechanisms of PFAS exposure in the context of testicular cancer, we can help develop preventative care and alternative treatment methods to prevent and continue treating testicular cancer, respectively.

[Dria Talley greets a dog in the training program]

Correctional Center Connects with Canines

January 25, 2022 / Student Blogs

Our student chapter of the Human-Animal Bond Association (HABA) assisted, once again, with a program at the Shawnee Correctional Center last fall. Following a pause during the pandemic, the Shawnee Wellness Assistance Therapy Training (SWATT) program, which began in 2018, resumed its mission of allowing inmates to train dogs for veterans and people with special needs. The Illinois HABA club visits the correctional facility to assist inmates with animal care and training.  

Abby Hwang is a graduate student at the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine.

Grad Student Appreciation: Abby Hwang

November 19, 2021 / Research News

Studies that have had a significant impact on society always start with a sufficient understanding of fundamental science in the field. Therefore, I believe that my research will contribute to a better understanding of basic cell, developmental, and reproductive biology. In addition, I hope it would become a cornerstone for knowledge and medications that contribute to human and animal life.

Grad Week Appreciation: Maria Nava

October 27, 2021 / Pathobiology

What is your academic background? (Where did you get your undergraduate/other degrees?)  I received my bachelors in Cellular Molecular Biology at California State University Dominguez Hills in 2019 and I am currently a PhD student…
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