Client Tutorials


This video series was created to remind you how to administer a drug or to reconstitute an antibiotic. Use these videos per the directions on the prescription label and the orders from your veterinarian. If you have questions, please call your veterinarian for clarification.

Medication Disposal:

Please follow the proper guidelines for disposing of unused medications.  For a recommendations on disposal read the linked guidelines.

How to Reconstitute an Antibiotic

In this video you will learn how to reconstitute a powder into a liquid. This specifically shows how to reconstitute Clavamox suspension, but it can be used as a guidance along with the directions on the package for other medications that need to be reconstituted.

How to Use a Rectal Seizure Kit

In this video we show you how to administer a rectal dosage using the provided seizure kit. Feel confident the next time you give the medication Diazepam to your pet during a seizure.

How to Administer Insulin

This video reviews the different insulin syringes that may be used and how to obtain your dose from either an insulin pen or vial. There is also a demonstration of how to administer insulin to a cat and the method is similar for dogs. Print the instructions for how to withdraw medication from an insulin pen.

How to Use an Intranasal Seizure Kit

In this video we show you how to administer an intranasal dosage using the provided seizure kit. Learn how to give the medication Midazolam through the nose of your pet. This is a reminder on how to dose and administer this medication and should be used along with the directions on the package and from your veterinarian

How to Administer Transdermal Medications

This video covers what you need to know about administering a transdermal medication whether it’s a commercial product like Mirataz or a compounded medication. There is also a demonstration of the process.  Print out a copy of the transdermal client handout.

How to Draw Up Injectable Medication Doses

This video will demonstrate how to draw up a dose of an injectable medication. Print the client handout.

How to Reconstitute Meropenem

This video will demonstrate the process for reconstituting meropenem which is an injectable antibiotic. The process shown creates the dilution most commonly prescribed by the UIUC Veterinary Teaching Hospital. Print how to reconstitute meropenem.