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Watch videos or download informational handouts on how to handle or give medications to pets.

Medication Tutorials

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Here are some resources on how to dispose of unused medications.

Medication Disposal

The Medication Dispensary is open Monday through Friday 8 AM to 5 PM.

After hours – pick up medication at the Small Animal Clinic front desk.

Pick-Up Hours

We are a full-service medication dispensary that fills prescriptions, provides intravenous admixture service, formulates and prepares compounded medications, and advises on dosages and pharmacy calculations.

Medications may be filled for clients only for conditions currently being treated by hospital clinicians. 

Prescription refills can now be ordered online by filling out this online form

How To Find Us

For medication pick up, follow the signs for Medication Dispensary and park in the prescription pick up parking spots during our open hours. Head West on Hazelwood Drive off Lincoln Avenue

Turn right after the parking lot for the Small Animal Clinic

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Jenny Chen – CPhT

Lauren Forsythe – PharmD, DICVP, FSVHP

Linda Glynn – CPhT

Alex Gochenauer – PharmD, FSVHP