In the News

Chicago Sun-Times (May 20) – Dr. Matt Allender, clinical veterinarian for the Chicago Zoological Society and director of the University of Illinois Wildlife Epidemiology Laboratory, led a team of researchers in finding and taking samples…
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Illinois Veterinary Student Receives Award

May 18, 2022 / In the News

Daily Herald (May 17) – Alyssa Mazzoccoli, second-year student at the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine, was recently honored with a scholarship. Mazzoccoli hails from Chicago, Ill.

Podcast Compares Beef, Pork Markets

May 13, 2022 / In the News

Swine Campus (May 10) – Dr. Jim Lowe was a guest on the Swine It podcast talking about the future of the meat industry, how producers can market their products to reflect customer demands, and…
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Ubiquitous Exposure to Environmental Chemicals

May 12, 2022 / In the News

Inside Climate News (New York City, May 12) – In a new study, researchers found potentially harmful chemicals in the bodies of pregnant women. Jodi Flaws, a professor of comparative biosciences at Illinois who was…
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Allergies Afflict Pets Too

May 06, 2022 / In the News

ciLiving (WCIA-TV; May 5) – Dr. Bailey Brame and her dog Java visited the studio to talk about how to identify and control seasonal allergies in pets.

Study of UI COVID-19 Data Shows Variation in Infective Periods

April 29, 2022 / In the News

United Press International (April 28) – “We capture the most complete, high-resolution, quantitative picture of how [the virus] replicates and sheds in people during natural infection,” Christopher B. Brooke, co-author of the Nature Communications study,…
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Impact of Avian Influenza Outbreak

April 26, 2022 / In the News

Tampa Bay Times (April 26) – The meat and egg industries keep checks in place to pull sick chickens from the food supply, said Yvette Johnson-Walker, a lecturer at the University of Illinois College of…
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Avian Flu Impacts Wild, Domestic Flocks

April 26, 2022 / In the News

WTTW-TV Chicago Tonight (April 25) – Dr. Yvette Johnson-Walker, clinical epidemiologist and lecturer at the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine, and Dr. Sarah Reich, head veterinarian and manager of rehabilitation aid and research…
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Bearded Dragons Make Good Pets

April 25, 2022 / In the News

WGN-AM (audio begins at 8:05; Chicago, April 24) – Dr. Krista Keller, a professor of zoological medicine at the U. of I. College of Veterinary Medicine, says bearded dragon lizards are the most domesticated of…
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Veterinary Drug Compounding Rules

April 22, 2022 / In the News

VIN News (Veterinary Information Network; April 21) – The U.S. Food and Drug Administration took nearly 20 years to produce Guidance For Industry #256 – Compounding Animal Drugs from Bulk Drug Substances, released on April…
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