Seizures in Pets

Jan 15, 2019 / In the News

News-Gazette (Jan. 13) – Knowing what seizures look like and what to do when they occur can help put pet owners at ease. Dr. Devon Hague, a veterinary neurologist at the UI Veterinary Teaching Hospital in Urbana, sees multiple patients every day that have had seizures.

Reptilian Hibernation

Jan 9, 2019 / In the News

ciLiving (WCIA-TV; Jan. 9) – Dr. Sarah Reich brought a ball python and an Eastern box turtle to the set to talk about how reptiles survive the winter. Tim Holds a Snake! Wildlife Medical Clinic at Illinois Dr. Sarah Reich shares insight about hibernation. #ciLiving #CrittersUncaged Posted by on Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Dental Health Depends on Prevention

Jan 7, 2019 / In the News

ciLiving (WCIA-TC; Jan. 4) – Dr. Mallory Kanwal, veterinary dentistry resident at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital, gave tips about keeping your pet’s oral health in good condition.

Safety of Veterinary Workers Delivering Chemotherapy

Jan 3, 2019 / In the News

KJZZ radio (Dec. 2) – Dr. Kim Selting is an associate professor of oncology at the University of Illinois and is current president of the Veterinary Cancer Society. She joined The Show to talk about the safety of veterinary practices and steps being taken to improve conditions.

Holiday Decorations Pose Dangers

Jan 2, 2019 / In the News

News-Gazette (Dec. 23) – “Animals will investigate anything new in their environment,” said Dr. Michael Biehl, a veterinary toxicologist at the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine. “They explore things with their mouth, which can get them into trouble.”

Cold Weather Hazards for Pets

Dec 21, 2018 / In the News

USAgNet (Dec. 20) – Dr. Michael Biehl, a veterinary toxicologist at the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine in Urbana, offers advice on how to keep pets safe. also in: * Decatur (Ill.) Herald & Review (Dec. 23)

First EVP Beef Class Graduates

Dec 20, 2018 / In the News

Columbus (Neb.) Telegram (Dec. 20) – The Executive Veterinary Program (EVP), established by the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine, has long been a premier credential for elite food animal practitioners. Dr. Moravec, the owner and CEO of Driftwood Vet and DVT Services, LLC in Lincoln, was among the first cohort for the EVP...

Wildlife Medical Clinic Assists in Rescue of Owl from Tree

Dec 19, 2018 / In the News

Pantagraph (Dec. 18) – Bloomington-based Oak Bros Tree Removal and Stump Grinding called the Wildlife Medical Clinic at the University of Illinois when they discovered an owl in a tree they were cutting down. Dr. Sarah Reich, a veterinarian who is the clinic’s medical director, applauded the Oak Bros crew for making the call. “They...

Faculty Recall Finals with Fondness

Dec 17, 2018 / In the News

News-Gazette (Dec. 16) – Dr. Annette McCoy, assistant professor of equine surgery, and Dr. Krista Keller, assistant professor of zoological medicine, are among the University of Illinois faculty members who shared memories of their own finals as students.

Horse Genome Project

Dec 13, 2018 / In the News

Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association (Dec. 12) – “Veterinarians need to understand that their clients are getting their information about genetic testing from places other than their (office). They are getting it from Facebook, from Twitter, and from Dr. Google. And so, it behooves us as a profession to make sure we understand...