Neurologist Named President-Elect of State Veterinary Association

Jan 21, 2020 / In the News

Olney Daily Mail (Jan. 17) – Devon Hague, DVM, DACVIM, was recently elected to the role of president-elect of the Illinois State Veterinary Medical Association. Dr. Hague graduated from Ohio State University and pursued different roles within veterinary practice. Today, she is a clinical associate professor in the Department of Veterinary Clinical Medicine and head...

Beagle Finds Home with Veterinary Student

Jan 13, 2020 / In the News

News-Gazette (Jan. 11) – Tori Worthen’s heart melted when one of her patients put his head — wet nose included — into her hand. “I knew from the beginning that I wanted to take him home,” said the fourth-year University of Illinois veterinary medical student. “I felt like we had bonded.”

Marijuana Intoxication in Dogs and Cats

Jan 13, 2020 / In the News

ciLiving (WCIA-TV; Jan. 10) – Caroline Tonozzi, DVM, DACVECC with the University of Illinois Veterinary Teaching Hospital describes what marijuana intoxication looks like in dogs and cats and how it is treated when patients arrive in the ER. Marijuana Intoxication in Dogs and Cats

Sidewalk Salt Could Harm Dogs’ Paws

Dec 23, 2019 / In the News

WCIA-TV News (Dec. 19) – “When dogs walk through it, it can be very irritating to their paws. And so, what you might see is that when they’re putting their paws on the ground, it stings,” says critical care veterinarian Dr. Caroline Tonozzi. “They can also lick it off their paw, and if they lick...

Kobuvirus Documented in U.S. Cattle for First Time

Dec 12, 2019 / In the News (Dec. 12) – A virus that afflicts cattle that was first discovered in Japan in 2003 has made its way to the U.S., researchers report in the journal Emerging Infectious Diseases. The study confirmed sequenced the microbial DNA in samples from cattle in the U.S. and analyzed the intestines of two calves that died...

K.T. Wright Honored by Illinois Veterinary College

Dec 12, 2019 / In the News

AASV News (Dec. 11) – On December 5, Dean Peter Constable announced that the College of Veterinary Medicine would honor Dr. K.T. Wright and his wife, Betty Wright, by naming the “EVP room” after them. For nearly 30 years the Executive Veterinary Program (EVP) has been at the forefront of post-graduate skill development for swine...

ER Veterinarians Describe Saving Dory

Dec 8, 2019 / In the News

ciLiving (WCIA-TV; Dec. 6) – Dr. Jenica Haraschak and Dr. Denver Coleman, veterinarians who were on duty in the ER at the U of I teaching hospital when the abused puppy later named Dory arrived, talk about how they treated Dory’s hypothermia and show how lively Dory is today. Meet Dory and the Veterinarians That...

Veterinary Student Wins Swine Innovation Award

Dec 3, 2019 / In the News

National Hog Farmer (Dec. 3) – Zack Talbert, a third-year University of Illinois veterinary student, won this year’s Morrison Swine Innovator Prize for his prong-and-pulley device that ensures more accurate fumigation on fomites for biosecurity and is working on a patent for the prototype.

All About Caring for Rabbits

Nov 27, 2019 / In the News

Paw Report (WEIU-TV; Nov. 25) – Dr. Krista Keller, a boarded specialist in zoological medicine from the University of Illinois Veterinary Teaching Hospital, talks about all things rabbits, and what people need to know if they want to have a rabbit as a pet.

Birthing Season on the Farm

Nov 21, 2019 / In the News

Paw Report (WEIU-TV; Oct. 29) – Dr. Edgar Garrett from the University of Illinois discusses parturition, or birth. Dr. Garrett shares information and shows some of things you will need, to be prepared for the birthing process.