Coronavirus Threatens Ag Community, Not Livestock Health

Mar 28, 2020 / COVID-19

Brownfield Ag News (March 26) – Dr. Jim Lowe, a professor of veterinary clinical medicine at the University of Illinois, says while the coronavirus pandemic doesn’t pose a threat the animal health, it does create concerns for agriculture. “We’re not worried about a direct impact of infecting the critters we work with and live with...

Diagnostic Lab Helps Speed Local Coronavirus Tests

Mar 28, 2020 / COVID-19

News-Gazette (March 28) – The Carle health system started Friday to process those tests locally, cutting the wait time for results from as long as 10 days to about 24 hours. … That’s with some help from the University of Illinois, which has lent Carle some lab equipment. Some volunteers from the UI veterinary diagnostic...

Pet Adoption During ‘Stay at Home’ Period

Mar 25, 2020 / In the News

News-Gazette (March 25) – Illinois’ stay-home order in effect for two weeks to slow down the spread of coronavirus means there will be time to develop a routine at home with your new pet, said Dr. Will Sander, a professor of preventive medicine and public health at the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine....

COVID-19 Impact on Agriculture: Webinar

Mar 24, 2020 / COVID-19

Farmdoc, University of Illinois Extension (March 24) – Dr. Jim Lowe, College of Veterinary Medicine, was a guest on a webinar for the agricultural community to share his perspectives on African Swine Fever and Coronavirus. The webinar can be watched online. Also covered in: * Bovine Veterinarian (March 27) * Illinois Agrinews (March...

COVID-19 and Wildlife: Origin of the Virus

Mar 18, 2020 / In the News

ciLiving (WCIA-TV; March 11) – Dr. Sam Sander, director of the Wildlife Medical Clinic, talks about the origin of the new coronavirus in bats and assures viewers that there is no evidence that the virus can be spread to people from pets or North American wildlife.

How Schools Will Handle Virtual Learning

Mar 16, 2020 / In the News

The 21st (March 16) – Dr. Jim Lowe, director of the college’s i-Learning Center, is a guest on the show to discuss how educators are handling the sudden transition to virtual learning in the days of the COVID-19 pandemic. (starts at 6:30)

Infectious Disease Expert Defines ‘Coronavirus’

Mar 15, 2020 / In the News

News-Gazette (March 15) – Dr. Jim Lowe, an associate professor in the UI Department of Veterinary Clinical Medicine, says: “Viruses are very simple microscopic parasites that cannot reproduce on their own. They need a cell, such as a human cell, to reproduce… “Coronaviruses are a large, diverse group of viruses that infect many different animals...

COVID-19 Transmission among People, Animals

Mar 15, 2020 / In the News

Tampa Bay Times (March 15) – Yvette Johnson-Walker and Will Sander, veterinary faculty at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, offer their expertise regarding the tiny risk of this form of coronavirus spreading to humans from pet, from pet to pet, or from pet to humans and describe common sense precautions. Also in:

More on Pets and Coronavirus

Mar 10, 2020 / In the News

Science Alert (from Business Insider; Canberra, Australia, March 9) – Despite reports that a dog tested “weak positive” for coronavirus, most experts agree that household dogs and cats are not at risk of spreading the virus or getting sick themselves. Dr. Will Sander of the U. of I. College of Veterinary Medicine says the virus...

Hearing Loss in Dogs

Mar 9, 2020 / In the News

Phys-org (March 5) – Just like humans, dogs are sometimes born with impaired hearing or experience hearing loss as a result of disease, inflammation, aging or exposure to noise, according to Dr. Kari Foss, a veterinary neurologist and professor of veterinary clinical medicine at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.