“Our experienced anesthesia team provides attentive individualized care for each patient with advanced monitoring and pain management techniques.”

Our Service

Our top priority is your animal’s well-being and comfort.

Any time your animal undergoes a test or procedure that requires anesthesia, we gather comprehensive data in advance to develop an individualized anesthetic and pain management plan specifically for your animal. We vigilantly monitor your animal’s vital signs before, during, and after anesthesia, and use a range of pain management treatments and techniques, allowing your animal to rest and recover comfortably after surgery.


  • A range of pain management options for animals undergoing surgery or experiencing acute or chronic pain
  • Individual anesthetic care to patients undergoing surgery or extensive diagnostic procedures
  • Advanced anesthetic monitoring, including invasive arterial blood pressure monitoring, central venous pressure monitoring, and arterial blood gas and electrolyte analysis
  • Advanced, multimodal pain management techniques, including epidural injections and peripheral nerve blocks
  • Consultations to referring veterinarians and animal owners regarding anesthetic protocols or pain management strategies for acute and chronic pain states in all species