July 2024

ciLiving (WCIA-TV; July 23) – Dr. Christopher Kennedy, a veterinary specialist in the emergency and critical care service at the University of Illinois Veterinary Teaching Hospital, advises owners to address signs of heat stress in…
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Wildlife Clinic Announces Volunteer Opportunities

July 16, 2024 / In the News

WCIA-TV News (July 13) – Animal lovers will have a unique opportunity later this summer to work with local wildlife at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The university’s Wildlife Medical Clinic says beginning this…
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Congenital Heart Disease in Companion Animals

July 15, 2024 / Practitioner Updates

Dr. Carl Toborowsky, a clinical assistant professor in the cardiology service, has degrees in East Asian studies, ecology, evolution, and systematics, and biological anthropology in addition to his veterinary degree from the University of Pennsylvania….
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Dr. Coretta Patterson and Dr. Christina Tran

Explosion of New Veterinary Schools Presents Opportunity

July 12, 2024 / Alumni News

This message will appear in the Chicago Veterinary Medical Association Bulletin. Today 33 U.S. institutions grant veterinary degrees. That number will rise to 34 this fall, when the first-ever veterinary college in Puerto Rico opens….
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Alumnae Lead at New Colleges of Veterinary Medicine

July 08, 2024 / Alumni News

How have your own experiences shaped your views on what veterinary students need to learn in order to be successful practitioners? Patterson: I spent most of my formative years in veterinary medicine in CVM teaching…
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