Referral Services


Follow these steps to refer a patient to the Veterinary Teaching Hospital in Urbana:

  • Phone the hospital via the direct referring lines to schedule an appointment. You may also speak with the service.
  • Complete the appropriate Referral Data Form and send it with the client or fax or email it before the patient arrives.
  • Please send us:
    • a copy of the medical record
    • the completed Referral Data Form
    • relevant diagnostic images
  • Handout to provide to clients

Please inform your clients that a deposit will be due equal to the full amount of the low end estimate –OR– half of the high end of the estimate, whichever amount is greater.  The balance of the bill must be paid in full at patient discharge and we do accept Care Credit.

If it is an emergency, please call and ask to speak the emergency room to discuss options for your patient.


Teaching Hospital in UrbanaSmall Animal ClinicLarge Animal Clinic
Referral Line:217-333-5311217-333-2001
Medical Records Phone:217-333-5363217-333-8100
Medical Records Fax:217-244-9554217-333-9796
Medical Records
Referral Coordinator
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Once you or the client has called to schedule the appointment, use this form when referring a patient to the Veterinary Teaching Hospital.


Choose a service area from the list below for details on faculty, capabilities, and contact information

Anesthesiology and Pain Management


For Consultations Contact:

Small Animal Clinic: 217-333-5311
Large Animal Clinic: 217-333-2001
Ask for the anesthesiologist on duty.

For More Information About Anesthesiology




For Estimates Contact:

Clinical Coordinator:
Katie McConnell, CVT, VTS (Cardiology)

For a Consultation Fill Out:

*If this is an emergency, call the main hospital number Small Animal Clinic 217-333-5300 or Large Animal Clinic 217-333-2000

For More Information About Cardiology


Dentistry and Oral Surgery

For Estimates Contact:

Clinical Coordinator:
Misty Croy, CVT


To help us expedite your client’s visit, please email or fax your patient’s medical record, including recent blood work, prior to the scheduled appointment. A complete blood count and serum chemistry panel performed within the past month are required for patients age 5 years or older, or who have a history of systemic disease.

More Info About Dentistry and Oral Surgery


Dermatology and Otology

For Estimates Contact:

Clinical Coordinator:
Miriah Lareau (Dermatology)

For allergen orders, call 217-333-5377

For More Information About Dermatology

Emergency and Critical Care – Open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

For Estimates Contact:

Emergency Receiving:
ER FAX: 217-244-7377

Open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Referring veterinarians may call to alert the staff to incoming cases; the public may call (217-333-5300) or use our walk-in emergency clinic any time.

More Information about ER and ECC


Equine Medicine and Surgery

For Emergencies, Admissions, Consultations, and Appointments Contact:


Emergency admissions accepted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including all holidays.

More Information About Equine Medicine


Exotics and Zoological Medicine

Reminder we are in our new location at Veterinary Medicine South Clinic.

Phone Number: 217-244-2555

New address: 2100 S Goodwin Ave, Urbana, IL 61801
We moved just across Hazelwood Avenue to the south of the Veterinary Teaching Hospital.

For Estimates Contact:

Jennifer Trail, CVT

Wildlife Medical Clinic

For More Information About Zoological Medicine


For estimates, call 217-300-5508.

For More Information About Farriers



Food Animal Reproduction Medicine Services

For Emergencies/ Consultations/Appointments, Contact:

Large Animal Clinic Front Desk for in-house or ambulatory appointments: 217-333-2001

Clinical Coordinator:
Amy Saupe, CVT

More Information About Food Animal Reproduction Medicine


Imaging Services

To request digital copies of diagnostic images, please contact Medical Records:

Small Animal: 217-333-5363
Large Animal: 217-333-8100

To set up direct access to our digital image system so that you can review your patient’s diagnostic images, please contact Medical Records at 217-333-5363

Clinical Coordinators:

For More Information About Imaging Services


Internal Medicine (Small Animal)

For Estimates Contact:

Clinical Coordinator:
Sara Roy, CVT
Please call 217-333-5311 for consultations

Download our client handout

For More Information About Internal Medicine


Laboratory Services

Medication Dispensary

The University of Illinois Veterinary Teaching Hospital Medication Dispensary provides a full range of medication services including dispensing medications, preparing intravenous admixtures, formulating and preparing compounded medications, and assisting with drug information questions such as dosage and calculation questions.  In addition, our residency-trained veterinary pharmacists assist with teaching veterinary students in both the didactic and clinical curriculum.  The pharmacists are also available to assist with any questions you may have regarding commercial and/or compounded medications.

The Medication Dispensary serves as a resource for clinicians, staff and students and is actively involved in clinical research studies.  Hospitalized patients are provided 24-hour service through a system of 6 automated dispensing machines and faculty/interns/residents as needed.

Medications may be dispensed to clients only for conditions currently being treated by hospital clinicians.  An option to have medications shipped is available for clients located throughout Illinois.  Unfortunately, we are unable to ship to addresses outside of Illinois.

We have created video tutorials for reconstituting a powdered antibiotic and administering intranasal or rectal anti-seizure kits. You are welcome to refer your clients to these videos when relevant.


8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday

For Consultations Contact:

Pharmacist on Duty


Neurology and Neurosurgery

For Estimates Contact:

Clinical Coordinator:
Denise Weber, CVT

To help us expedite your client’s visit, please email or fax your patient’s medical record, including all recent lab work, prior to the scheduled appointment. Medical records can be emailed to or faxed to 217-244-9554 (ATTN: Neurology).

For More Information about Neurology


For Estimates Contact:

Clinical Coordinator:
Jenny Byrd, CVT

For Clinical Trials Contact:

Rebecca Kamerer, CVT

For More Information About Oncology



Equine and Small Animal Patients Referrers

Please call prior to sending an emergency referral to Ophthalmology to confirm there is a staff member on duty that is able to accommodate your client/patient needs.

Note as of September 2020: The ophthalmology service is typically able to accommodate emergency visits; however, in the event that our service is not able to see a patient quickly, please seek a specialist boarded by the American College of Veterinary Ophthalmology.

For Estimates/Appointments, Contact:

Clinical Coordinators:
Shari Poruba, CVT, or Lorri Zoch, CVT

For More Information About Ophthalmology



For Estimates/Appointments, Contact:

Clinical Coordinator:
Kim Knap, BS, CVT, CCRP or Carrie Chandler, CVT, CCRP

We make every effort to accommodate the pet owner’s schedule and can typically see all appointments for an evaluation within 3 to 5 days. We are happy to develop rehabilitation treatment plans for your postoperative, acute, and chronic orthopedic and neurological cases.

For More Information about Rehabilitation


Shelter Medicine

For Consultations:

217-778-PETS / 217-778-7387

For More Information About Shelter Medicine


Surgery (Small Animal)

For Estimates, Contact:

Clinical Coordinator:
Kellie Gard, CVT

Soft Tissue and Oncologic Surgery:
Clinical Coordinator:
Rachel Dorney, CVT

For More Information About Small Animal Surgery


Theriogenology (Reproduction)

For Emergencies/Consultations/Appointments, Contact:

Large Animal Clinic, 217-333-2001


More Information About Theriogenology



The team of caregivers will be directed by a faculty member to provide exceptional care for the patient. Faculty members have received advanced training and, in most cases, board certification from specialty organizations. Other members of the team may include:

  • Residents in training for board certification;
  • Interns engaged in postdoctoral training;
  • Certified veterinary technicians, veterinary assistants, and veterinary technician students;
  • Professional veterinary students.

Please understand that in addition to their clinical service, faculty members also have teaching, research, and administrative responsibilities. Therefore, referrals must be made with the faculty member assigned to clinical duty at the time the animal is presented. This is true even if you’ve spoken with another faculty member by phone and he/she has encouraged you to refer a case.

Although the clinicians on duty during your patient’s visit may vary, we strive for close communication among the staff and complete medical records to enable us to provide continuity of care.


A preliminary contact report will be sent to you after your referral patient has been examined, or the case clinician may contact you by phone.

As the referring veterinarian, you will receive a final written report after the patient is discharged.

Please contact the clinical coordinator for the service (identified in the directory above on this page) if you have questions about the diagnostic and treatment plans or estimated costs for referred patients.

If you wish to be contacted by e-mail, please send your e-mail address to: