Research Day

Each spring, the college sets aside a day to celebrate our diverse research activities and to build our research community.

RESEARCH DAY – APRIL 19-23, 2021

The college’s annual celebration of research typically occurs as a full-day of in-person activities. Because of current restrictions on in-person gatherings, this year’s event will be held virtually.

Our annual celebration is the time for college researchers including veterinary students, graduate students, trainees, staff, and faculty members to present their research progress. A keynote speaker from outside of the college, whose work broadly addresses college research efforts, is selected through a process of nominations and voting.

The annual celebration of research is also a time to recognize outstanding effort with the presentation of graduate student awards and the initiation of new members into Phi Zeta, the honor society of veterinary medicine.

Pensinger Lecture in Comparative Medicine presenter, Dr. Jonathan Epstein

Registration is free, but advance registration (no later than Thursday, April 15) is required.


April 19: Video presentations posted online for viewing

April 20 – 23, 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm: Daily one-hour live, moderated Q&A sessions with virtual presentations

Each presenter will be assigned to one Q&A panel; one quarter of the abstracts will be assigned to each panel

April 21, 12 noon: The Pensinger Lecture in Comparative Medicine; Keynote address (virtual)

Dr. Jon Epstein, DVM, MPH, PhD
Vice President for Science and Outreach
EcoHealth Alliance
New York, NY
Understanding the Ecology of Emerging Zoonoses