This page provides a full list of faculty for the Department of Pathobiology.

Raymond “Bob” Rowland, Head
Dongwan Yoo, Director of Graduate Programs
Karen Nichols, Administrative Assistant


Md Tauqeer Alam – PhD, MS

Research Assistant Professor

Alberto Brandariz Nunez

Research Assistant Professor

Bahaa Fadl-Alla

Veterinary Research Specialist


Lawrence Firkins – DVM, MBA, MS

Executive Associate Dean

Associate Dean for Public Engagement


Swine Extension Veterinarian

Christopher Gaulke – PhD

Assistant Professor

Lois Hoyer – PhD

Associate Dean for Research and Advanced Studies


Keith Jarosinski – PhD

Assistant Professor

Som Nanjappa – DVM, PhD

Assistant Professor

Raymond Rowland – PhD, MA

Department Head, Pathobiology


Sumiti Vinayak – PhD, MS

Assistant Professor

Dongwan Yoo – DVM, PhD


Director of Graduate Studies, Pathobiology

Federico Zuckermann – DVM, PhD, BSc

Professor of Veterinary Clinical Immunology

Professor, Veterinary Program in Agricultural

Emeritus Faculty

LeRoy Biehl

Mark Kuhlenschmidt

Philip Solter

Matthew Wallig

James Zachary

Edwin Hahn

Mariangela Segre

Deoki Tripathy

Ronald Weigel

Wanda Haschek-Hock

Ronald D. Smith

Eric Vimr

Herbert Whiteley