Faculty and Staff

This page provides a full list of faculty and staff for the Department of Comparative Biosciences.


Andrea Aguiar – PhD

Research Assistant Professor, Comparative Biosciences

Assistant Director, Children’s Environmental Health Research Center at Illinois, Beckman Institute

Indrani Bagchi – PhD, MS

Professor, Comparative Biosciences

Field Chair in Reproductive Biology, College of Veterinary Medicine

Paul Bonthuis – PhD

Assistant Professor

Aditi Das – PhD, MSc, BSc

Associate Professor

Juanmahel Davila – PhD

Teaching Assistant Professor

Section Head – Anatomy

Assistant Director of Graduate Programming

Howard Gritton – PhD, MS

Assistant Professor

Makoto Inoue – PhD, MS

Assistant Professor

Megan Mahoney – PhD

Associate Professor

Director of Graduate Studies, Comparative Biosciences

Annette McCoy – DVM, PhD, MS, DACVS-LA

Assistant Professor, Equine Surgery

Wenyan Mei – PhD

Assistant Professor

Huanyu Qiao – PhD

Assistant Professor

Uwe Rudolph – Dr. med.

Department Head, Comparative Biosciences


Bo Wang – PhD, MS

Assistant Professor

Ayelet Ziv-Gal – PhD, MBA

Research Assistant Professor