As a member of a network that is over 5500 alumni strong, you and your fellow alumni play an important role in the success of the College of Veterinary Medicine.

Our alumni are not just our past—your connection with the college is a vital part of its future success. So whether you have just graduated or are about to celebrate your 60 year reunion, we encourage you to stay connected and get involved with your alma mater and your fellow alumni.


We encourage our alumni to get involved with various opportunities at the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine

Hire Students

Our alumni hire College of Veterinary Medicine students and fellow alumni for a variety of positions, including but not limited to internships, residencies, and full-time employment in practices. If you have hired a student or fellow college alum, thank you! If you are looking to fill a position, purchase a booth at the Veterinary Medical Alumni Association job fair.

Recognize fellow alumni

Honor the hard work of fellow alumni by nominating someone for the Dr. Erwin Small Distinguished Alumni Award, the Special Service Award, or the Outstanding Young Alumni Award. Read more about the requirements of the awards and how to nominate an alumni on the Veterinary Medical Alumni Association Awards page.

Highlight how you make an impact on current students

Share how you provide Student Opportunities with Alumni in Practice.

We want to hear how our graduates are helping train future veterinarians. If you provide opportunities for Illinois DVM students to get experience in the field, let us highlight you AND the student!

Attend Events

There are lots of alumni and special events each year, including alumni receptions, class reunions, golf outings, Vet Med Open House, and more. Check the college calendar for details.

  • Fall Conference for Veterinarians
  • Vet Med Open House
  • Veterinary Medical Alumni Association golf outing
  • Alumni receptions at the following national meetings:
    • Illinois State Veterinary Medical Association Annual Meeting
    • American College of Veterinary Pathologists Annual Meeting
    • American Association of Equine Practitioners Convention
    • American Veterinary Medical Alumni Association Convention
    • VMX (formerly North American Veterinary Conference)
    • Western Veterinary Conference

Interview Applicants

Every spring semester, over 300 applicants come to the College of Veterinary Medicine to interview for one of 120 spots in the DVM degree program. We have 21 teams of interviewers, and each team has a veterinarian on the team. If you are interested in serving on one of these interview teams, please contact the Office of Academic and Student Affairs.

Contact the Office


Thank you so much to our alumni who impact the College of Veterinary Medicine by making charitable donations! From the Veterinary Medicine Achievement Fund, which provides annual, unrestricted support to the college, to class endowed scholarships to estate gifts, there are many ways that you can make a gift to your alma mater. Visit our Giving section to learn more about the ways you can support the college.


Stay Connected

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