Veterinary Medical Alumni Association

Veterinary Medical Alumni Association

2001 South Lincoln Avenue
Urbana, Illinois 61802

P: 217-333-2761
F: 217-244-8887

As a graduate from the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine, you are automatically a member of the Veterinary Medical Alumni Association (VMAA). The overall mission of the college’s Alumni Association is to inspire lifelong loyalty and pride among alumni of the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine and to support and strengthen the welfare of the college.

We would love for all alumni to be actively involved with VMAA! Whether you’d like to serve in one of our open regional board positions, would like to volunteer your time at an event or on a committee, or if you have ideas you’d like to share,  please contact us.

Our Goals

  • fostering ongoing relationships between the alumni, faculty, students and constituents of College of Veterinary Medicine.
  • recognizing alumni and other individuals who have made significant contributions to the veterinary profession and/or to the College of Veterinary Medicine through annual awards and honors.
  • acknowledging an outstanding veterinary student who has demonstrated overall proficiency in clinical veterinary medicine.
  • encouraging early membership in and active participation in the University of Illinois Alumni Association and the University of Illinois Veterinary Medical Alumni Association.
  • assisting the College in maintaining an active database on alumni, including professional and personal information.
  • encouraging and providing assistance with reunion planning.
  • actively promoting the veterinary profession and the College by mentoring current and prospective veterinary students.

VMAA Board Members

If you are interested in serving on the Board, please contact us!


  • Past-President: Dr. JB Bruederle, 1991
  • President: Dr. Chris Dupuis, 2003
  • President-Elect: Dr. Erika Eigenbrod, 2013
  • Executive Secretary/Treasurer: Ginger Passalacqua

Board Members:

  • Out-of-State: Dr. Aaron Smiley, 2007
  • Region 1 (SIVMA): Dr. Wendy Probst, 2007
  • Region 2 (CIVMA): Dr. Erika Eigenbrod, 2013
  • Region 2 (CIVMA): Dr. Martha Armour, 1989
  • Region 3 (EIVMA): Dr. Justin Florey, 2009
  • Region 4 (MVVMA): Dr. Jason Kennell, 2014
  • Region 4 (MVVMA):
  • Region 5 (KVVMA): Dr. Michael Miller, 2011
  • Region 6 (NIVMA):
  • Region 6 (NIVMA): Dr. Bill Augustine, 1975
  • Region 7 (CVMA): Dr. Chris Dupuis, 2003
  • Region 7 (CVMA): Dr. Roger Dupuis, 1971
  • Region 7 (CVMA): Dr. Valerie Eisenbart, 2011
  • Region 7 ( CVMA):

Ex-officio Members:

  • Dr. Peter Constable, Dean, College of Veterinary Medicine
  • Christine Dietrich, Associate Dean, Office of Advancement – College of Veterinary Medicine

Alumni Relations Staff:

  • Joel Agate, Assistant Director of Advancement
  • Ginger Passalacqua, Associate Director of Advancement