Adopt an Ambassador


Thank you for your interest in adopting an ambassador of the Wildlife Medical Clinic. There are four tiers that you can choose from through the adoption application.

  • Tier 1: 5×7 color photo, certificate of adoption, ambassador story, $50
  • Tier 2: All of Tier 1, plus Wildlife Medical Clinic magnet, $100
  • Tier 3: All of Tier 2, plus 5×7 painting made by the ambassador animal, $150
  • Tier 4: All of Tier 3, plus personalized video of the ambassador animal, $250

Your contribution at any level will help support the care for each of our ambassador animals.

Why Keep Ambassadors?

Our ambassador animals arrived at the Wildlife Medical Clinic as patients. During the course of their treatment, we realized that their injuries or other conditions—such as not being able to fly or having impaired vision—would make it impossible for them to return to the wild and survive independently. Nevertheless, these select individuals were otherwise healthy and had an appropriate temperament to serve as an ambassador for their species, so long as their needs for shelter, food, and other care could be met.

Each ambassador has a unique story. Although they live with us, they are in no way house pets. We consider them tolerant of people, but they are not tame. We respect their wild nature and instincts when working with them.

The residents serve as ambassadors to the public about the importance of caring for our environment and the wildlife we share it with. Ambassadors travel with us to grade schools, wildlife events, and even museums to help people gain a greater appreciation for wildlife and the environment.