July 2020

WCIA-TV (ciLiving; Sept. 26) – Aimee Hearn and Brianna Huff, student organizers of the annual Veterinary Medicine Open House, join us with details on this year’s Open House will be held on Sunday, October 2,…
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My Veterinary Life: Podcast with Dr. Will Sander

July 30, 2020 / In the News

American Veterinary Medical Association (July 29) – Dr. Will Sander, assistant professor for Preventative Medicine and Public Health and director of the DVM/MPH program at the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine, describes his…
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Avoid Heatstroke in Pets

July 30, 2020 / In the News

WCIA-TV News (July 29) – After a dog died of heatstroke recently in Danville, Dr. Caroline Tonozzi, chief of the small animal emergency and critical care service at the University of Illinois Veterinary Teaching Hospital,…
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Dr. Kim Selting on Cancer Care and Clinical Trials

July 29, 2020 / In the News

Animal Academy Podcast (July 29) – Dr. Kim Selting, veterinary medical and radiation oncologist at the University of Illinois, discusses cancer treatments available, research and clinical trials with host Allison White. Veterinary Cancer Research &…
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Plant-based Immune Boosters Studied

July 24, 2020 / In the News

The Guardian (Nigeria; July 23) – Isoflavones, a compound that occurs naturally in plants, have well-known health benefits and are used as a dietary supplement for humans, explained Brooke Smith, lead author of the study…
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Equine Osteochondrosis Research

July 23, 2020 / In the News

Morris Animal Foundation (July 16) – Dr. Annette McCoy, an assistant professor of Equine Surgery at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, is featured in a podcast discussing osteochondrosis, a significant health and welfare issue for…
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Ill Fawn Brought to Wildlife Medical Clinic

July 23, 2020 / In the News

WCIA-TV News (July 20) – Wildlife Medical Clinic director Dr. Samantha Sander noted, “Our goal, in this case, was to help that deer and give him the best care that we could. I think coming…
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[placing a tube with a saliva sample into a holder]

The Veterinary Factor in Pandemic Response

July 22, 2020 / Message from the Dean

This message will appear in the August/September 2020 issue of the Chicago Veterinary Medical Association Bulletin. College Aids Plans for Safe Return to Campus As veterinarians, each of us took a solemn oath to use…
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Pets and COVID-19

July 21, 2020 / In the News

Big Picture Science (July 13) – Dr. Yvette Johnson Walker spoke on a podcast about what we know now about COVID-19 and pets. http://bigpicturescience.org/segment/yvette-johnson-walker-pets-and-covid

Congratulations to Helena

July 17, 2020 / Uncategorized

Congratulations to Helena on the acceptance of her second paper in Molecular Reproduction and Development!