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example of Spanish-language training materials on biosecurity website

More than a year after launching a website designed as a “one-stop shop” for pork producers seeking to strengthen their on-farm biosecurity programs, experts from the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine have expanded…
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radiographs of maxillary canine teeth showing one with long-standing endodontic disease

Treating Endodontic Disease in Veterinary Patients

January 24, 2024 / Practitioner Updates

Endodontic disease is one of the most common oral lesions that a veterinary dentist, or any small-animal veterinarian, will see. The typical cause is traumatic fracture of a tooth that results in pulp exposure, often…
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A view of the critical care service area

Updates from ER and Critical Care

November 30, 2023 / Practitioner Updates

Our critical care service re-opened in October! Our team consists of five boarded criticalists, two emergency clinicians, three emergency and critical care residents, one specialty intern, and veterinary technicians providing around-the-clock care in our intensive…
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entrance to the Small Animal Clinic at University of Illinois

Outbreak of Unknown Canine Respiratory Disease

November 21, 2023 / General News

General Information Lisa Bazzle, DVM, DACVECC, who heads the small animal emergency service at the University of Illinois Veterinary Teaching Hospital, prepared the brief overview below about the mysterious respiratory illness in dogs that has…
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Photos of a cat before and after ala vestibuloplasty.

Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome in Dogs and Cats

November 02, 2023 / Practitioner Updates

Brachycephalic syndrome is a chronic, debilitating, and potentially fatal condition described mostly of canine breeds with severely shortened craniofacial conformation. Persian, Himalayan, Burmese, and Exotic Shorthair cats are popular feline brachycephalic breeds. Growing Popularity of…
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a cat lying in front of a window

Pharmacist’s Corner: Hope for FIP-Positive Felines?

October 04, 2023 / Practitioner Updates

In early 2020, as the world struggled to control the COVID-19 pandemic and Dr. Anthony Fauci mentioned remdesivir as a hopeful treatment, an article in The Atlantic described an interesting veterinary connection to that antiviral…
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