Dr. Kenneth Welle directs the imaging of one of his patients in the 128-slice

CT in Zoological Companion Animals

Jun 8, 2021 / Practitioner Updates

Above: Dr. Kenneth Welle directs the imaging of one of his patients in the 128-slice CT. You know how much your clients care about their canine and feline compan­ions, and that the demand for advanced diagnostics and therapies is on the rise. But you may not be aware that the same holds true for feathered,...

Pharmacist’s Corner: Controlled Substance Cycle Counts

Jun 8, 2021 / Practitioner Updates

Hopefully controlled substance inven­tory is part of your annual inventory procedures. However, if controlled substance counts are only verified once a year, if something is missing, a year is a lot of records to sort through trying to identify where the drug went missing. Therefore, it is recommended to do more frequent inventory. I suggest...

Faculty Spotlight: Spencer Kehoe, DVM

Jun 8, 2021 / Practitioner Updates

Tell us about your background. I was born and raised in Northern Cali­fornia and went to college in sunny San Diego. I graduated from veterinary school at UC Davis in 2015 and then completed a small animal rotating internship at VCA West LA, before doing a specialty internship in wildlife medicine, surgery, and conservation at...

Person working at computer

Faster Discharge Reports, Vet Portal

Jun 8, 2021 / Practitioner Updates

We heard you! Upon evaluation of the surveys you completed, we put improv­ing communication at the forefront of our goals. As we continue to strive to provide bet­ter communication with our clients and referring partners, we have updated our Small Animal Visit (Discharge) reports to be more streamlined and relevant. Information for the client deemed...

Drs. Gal and Reinhart in IRsuite

Minimally Invasive Tracheal Stenting

May 11, 2021 / Practitioner Updates

Above: Dr. Arnon Gal and Dr. Jennifer Reinhart prepare a stent for placement in the Veterinary Teaching Hospital interventional radiology suite. The U of I small animal internal medi­cine service is proud to announce that we are now offering tracheal stenting as a minimally invasive treatment for dogs with moderate to severe tracheal collapse. Tracheal...

Pharmacist’s Corner: Help Clients Give Medications Correctly

May 11, 2021 / Practitioner Updates

When dispensing medications, we want to do whatever we can to increase compliance with the prescribed dosage regimen. One aspect of this is dispensing medications in a way to facilitate ease of administration. The ideas described below can help prevent errors and decrease the likelihood of accidental medication spills. When dispensing oral liquids: Insert an...

Veterinarian giving eye exam

Inherited Ocular Diseases: Using CAER Exams to Show We Care

May 11, 2021 / Practitioner Updates

The Companion Animal Eye Registry (CAER) examination, carried out by board-certified veterinary ophthal­mologists to screen dogs for inherited eye problems, is an important tool for preventing ophthalmic disease. Just as you may recommend prospective breed­ing dogs be evaluated for hip, elbow, or cardiac disease, so too can you recom­mend these animals be screened for ocular...

Faculty Spotlight: Audrey Billhymer, DVM, DACVR

May 11, 2021 / Practitioner Updates

Tell us about your background. I am originally from the suburbs of Chicago (Schaumburg), and I went to undergrad at a small liberal arts college in Minnesota, St. Olaf College. I actually majored in English literature. I didn’t decide to go to veterinary school until after I graduated. I attended the University of Illinois College...

Yorkshire with erythema and hyperpigmentation.

Canine Atopic Dermatitis: Update on Treatment Options

May 6, 2021 / Practitioner Updates

Above: A Yorkshire Terrier with erythema (skin inflammation) and hyperpigmentation due to atopic dermatitis. Atopic dermatitis is one of the most common cutaneous inflammatory and pruritic diseases in dogs. The treatment options have been expanding over the years, and it is important to note that not all therapies work the same way. Recommendations should always...

Dr. Tisha Harper

Coxofemoral Luxation: Tips for Closed Reductions

Apr 12, 2021 / Practitioner Updates

Above: Dr. Tisha Harper is a clinical associate professor and the service head for small animal orthopedics and rehabilitation at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital. Traumatic hip luxations are commonly seen in dogs and cats, with up to 83% of cases occurring secondary to vehicular trauma. Other causes of coxofemoral luxation include falls, spontaneous lux­ations, and...