[Dr. Sara Connolly]

Sara Connolly Named Assistant Dean for Student Success

Mar 31, 2020 / General News

Making Connections for Student Success March 23 was the first day on the job for Dr. Sara Connolly in the newly created position of assistant dean for student success. Although she’s currently forced to work in isolation imposed by the “work from home” mandate, Dr. Connolly sees her new role as one that facilitates connections:...

[dog on exam table]

COVID-19: Recommendations for Veterinary Practices

Mar 19, 2020 / COVID-19

Best Practices for Vet Practices This list of recommendations was compiled by Dr. Ashley Mitek from information provided by the Illinois State Veterinary Medical Association, the Illinois Department of Public Health and Department of Agriculture, and Dr. Jim Lowe of the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine. Updated March 24, 2020: FAQs for veterinary...

Dr. Santiago Guiterrez-Nibyero with surgical patient

Colic Survival Rate: Review of 254 Cases

Mar 18, 2020 / Practitioner Updates

We set out to determine outcomes and identify risk factors associated with non-survival in the population of horses presenting to the University of Illinois for abdominal surgery related to colic. Medical records of horses undergoing exploratory laparotomy for colic at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital over the past 10 years were reviewed retrospectively. Multivariate logistic regression...

Oncology team with dog

New Oncology Clinical Trials

Mar 18, 2020 / Practitioner Updates

Dogs with Lymphoma, Multiple Myeloma, and Solid Tumors; Dogs with Brain Meningiomas The University of Illinois Cancer Care Clinic and Comparative Oncology Research Laboratory recently announced two clinical trials for dogs with cancer. Preclinical Assessment of an Oral p97 Inhibitor, CB-5339, in Tumor-Bearing Dogs Purpose The clinical trial in tumor-bearing dogs is intended to define...


Pharmacist’s Corner

Mar 18, 2020 / Practitioner Updates

Guidelines for Prescribing Compounded Medications Compounded medications are often necessary to treat veterinary patients, but making sure that the compounds you prescribe are safe and effective isn’t always easy. The following tips can help improve your confidence in the compounded products you use. 1. Make sure a compound is clinically necessary for a positive outcome....

[surgeons in OR with face masks]

COVID-19: Surgical Mask Shortages Impact Veterinarians

Mar 15, 2020 / COVID-19

FAQs for veterinary practitioners See also: FDA: Surgical Mask and Gown Conservation Strategies (link to Anesthesiology News) COVID-19: Recommendations for Veterinary Practices (from University of Illinois)   My practice can no longer obtain surgical masks.  Are they necessary in the operating room (OR)? It is recommended that all personnel wear a surgical mask in the...

mandibular premolars

Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Patients’ Dental Health

Feb 12, 2020 / Practitioner Updates

#10 Check for malocclusions during puppy visits. Five to six months of age is the best time to intervene so that traumatic malocclusions can be prevented. Preventing or treating malocclusions could prevent an oronasal fistula in the future. Look for linguoverted mandibular canine teeth in Standard Poodles. #9 Look for supernumerary roots on the maxillary third premolar...


Pharmacist’s Update

Feb 11, 2020 / Practitioner Updates

NPI Number? Of Course, I Don’t Have One! NPI stands for National Prescriber Identification, which is a number assigned to each person eligible to prescribe for Medicare or Medicaid patients. Since animals aren’t eligible for Medicare/Medicaid, and veterinarians are only allowed to prescribe for animals, veterinarians are not legally allowed to have an NPI number....

Faculty Spotlight: Danielle Strahl-Heldreth, MSEd, DVM, MS

Jan 24, 2020 / Practitioner Updates

Tell us about your background. I am the middle of three daughters of a wildlife conservationist father and the most caring mother anyone could ask for. While animals were always a passion of mine, I had initial dreams of becoming a wildlife (specifically for bears) biologist, which led me to an undergraduate degree in biology...