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Faculty Spotlight: Felipe Martins, DVM, MSc

Dr. Felipe Martins

Dr. Martins is a clinical assistant professor in the anesthesiology service.

Tell us about your background.

I am originally from Brazil, where I attended veterinary school. After graduating, I completed a small animal rotating internship at the University of Illinois and stayed for a residency in anesthesia. During that time, I have also earned a master’s degree in veterinary anesthesiology. I’m excited to now join the team as an anesthesia faculty member!

What drew you to anesthesia?

Anesthesia captivated me due to its unique blend of clinical expertise, technology, and patient-centered care. The ability to alleviate pain and ensure patient comfort during procedures while also closely monitoring vital signs and managing critical situations appealed to my desire for both technical proficiency and patient care. The dynamic nature of anesthesia, where every case presents its own challenges, further solidified my decision to specialize in this field.

Tell us about a favorite case of yours.

It’s hard to pick only one favorite, but I remember one specific dog that came in for an emergency c-section. These cases are always a race against time as the mother’s life and the lives of her unborn puppies hang in the balance.

Witnessing the joy and relief of the veterinary team and the pet owners as they welcomed the newborn puppies is incredibly rewarding. Knowing that our quick and effective intervention saved not only the mother’s life but also the lives of her precious offspring made this case one of my favorites.

What are your special clinical interests?

My interests in the clinic are multiple but revolve around three primary passions: local anesthetic techniques, pain management, and student education.

I find immense satisfaction in mastering and innovating local anesthetic techniques, whether it’s refining nerve blocks or exploring novel approaches to regional anesthesia. These techniques not only ensure effective pain control during procedures but also contribute to patient comfort and postoperative outcomes.

My dedication to pain management drives me to continuously explore evidence-based interventions aimed at alleviating acute and chronic pain. Whether it’s tailoring multimodal analgesic regimens or implementing advanced pain management protocols, I strive to enhance patients’ quality of life and recovery experiences.