Patient Stories

Dr. Martindale and Dr. Chen pose with Birdie, a brown and black midsize dog, in the hospital

This is the story of a young, female pit bull terrier that was discovered on the streets of Chicago with swelling and multiple wounds. Thanks to the efforts of a dedicated breed rescue group, Birdie…
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[Max and owner; Dezzi, cancer survivors]

Canine Melanoma: The Max and Dezzi Success Stories

August 06, 2022 / Patient Stories

By Susan McKenna ‘Miracle’ Max The first sign that something was wrong with Max, a large, furry, mixed-breed black-and-brown rescue dog, was in early 2020 when his owner, Daniel Martin, was putting up a fence…
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[sophie looking beautiful in long green grass]

Sophie: The Story of An Exceptional Life

February 11, 2020 / Giving Stories

Gift to Hospital Honors Dog Animal owners are often moved to make a generous gift in gratitude for the lifesaving care delivered at the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine. The gift Karen Gupta…
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Twin cats, Lucy and Violet, lay together.

Cat Fights Autoimmune Disease

July 29, 2019 / Patient Stories

Lucy arrived at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital severely anemic with a red-blood-cell count barely compatible with life. WIth a strong family behind her, a caring doctor before her, and the suuport of the Illinois Veterinary Teaching Hopsital staff Lucy continues to push through to recovery.

[Tucker Tallering]

From Phobic to Functioning: One Dog’s Stormy Story

March 19, 2018 / Patient Stories

Pets’ behavioral conditions affect the whole family Dr. Kathy Tallering remembers the exact moment it began. The Chicago pediatrician was taking her then-four-year-old Portuguese water dog, Tucker, for a walk in their Lincoln Park neighborhood…
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[Nana the Chihuahua from Thailand cavorts in Illini garb]

Dog from Thailand Gets Heart Repair at University of Illinois

September 06, 2017 / General News

  [row][column size=8] [callout title=”Traveling a World Away for a Second Chance”] For the full story of Nana’s heart repair procedure, including video of the placement of the occluder, see [/callout] [/column][column size=4][/column][/row]  …
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[police dog treated at Vet Med]

Police Dog Saved from Amputation

June 05, 2017 / Patient Stories

In January 2017, Marshall County (Ill.) Sheriff’s Deputy Bob Vester and his 10-year-old German Shepherd partner, Flits, were hailed as the 2016 K-9 Team of the Year by the Central Illinois Police and Working Dog…
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