[Jen Tito with kitten]

Summer Experience Builds Confidence

Oct 13, 2018 / Student Blogs

Banfield student job program It is important for vet students to gain clinical experience over our breaks. In the Illinois program, we are fortunate to have clinical rotations early in the curriculum, but often on first-year rotations students are just observers with hospital patients and practice hands-on skills with manikins. First- through third-year classes are...

[shelter medicine trip to Rhodes 2018]

Trip to Greece Delivers Hands-on Learning

Sep 26, 2018 / Student Blogs

This summer, Shelter Medicine faculty, staff, and students volunteered their time and service to help homeless animals on the island of Rhodes, Greece. The team provided physical examinations on all shelter animals located at the Rhodes Animals Shelter, diagnostic testing (skin cytology, blood smears, UA, CBC/chem), sterilization surgeries, behavioral assessment tests, and preventative care. The  2018...

AQUAVET® III Provides Hands-On Learning Experience

Sep 17, 2018 / Student Blogs

The past five weeks I had the honor of participating in AQUAVET® III: Clinical Aspects of Captive Aquatic Animal Medicine. The course is offered through Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine and takes place at the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, Ga.; the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine in Athens, Ga.; and Dolphinaris in...


Two Weeks at Dolphin Discovery

Aug 29, 2018 / Student Blogs

“Un pequeño.” Those are the words I repeatedly said through my two weeks in Cozumel, Mexico. It means “a little,” and it was my response to being asked if I speak Spanish. I have taken Spanish in college and high school, but I still struggle when listening to it. Almost all of the employees at...

Our 2018 Tanzanian Experience

Aug 20, 2018 / Student Blogs

A note from the program organizer, Dr. Margarethe Hoenig:This program would not have been possible without the collaboration with Professor Muhairwa at the Sokoine Agricultural University Department of Veterinary Medicinein Morogoro. We thank Anthony Mhandoand Dr. Nickson Ng’umbiand the local veterinary officers for their daily assistance. We could not have done this without our wonderful...

A Week in Ecuador with World Vets

Aug 20, 2018 / Student Blogs

In July 2018, I worked in Otovalo, Ecuador, as a student volunteer with World Vets, an incredible organization whose mission is to “improve the health and well-being of animals by providing veterinary aid and training in developing countries and by providing disaster relief worldwide.” Their International Veterinary Medicine (IVM) Program trains vet students to complete...

Extern Broadens Horizons at Equine Facility in Ireland

Aug 14, 2018 / Student Blogs

For the past two weeks I had to amazing opportunity to visit Sycamore Lodge Equine Hospital in Kildare, Ireland. Nestled in the heart of the Curragh racecourse, this equine hospital offers surgery, regular appointments, hospitalization/critical care, and ambulatory services. Throughout my externship at the hospital I was able to work with dressage horses, show jumpers,...

[horse innards and parasites]

Prevent Parasites, Reduce Problems for Your Horse

Aug 9, 2018 / Student Blogs

Lots of kinds of parasites plague our horses, producing lots of problems. A short list of these problems includes weight loss, diarrhea, colic, unthrifty coat, skin sores, suboptimal performance, and the dreaded itchy bum. Keep reading for details on the life cycle and signs of the critters that most commonly afflict horses in Illinois. The...

Holland in Brazil

Olá Medicina Veterinária: A Clinical Experience in Brazil

Aug 6, 2018 / Student Blogs

In May, two classmates and I embarked on a study abroad experience in Curitiba, Brazil. (In the photo above, we are in the center: Paige Coody, second from right in the first row, petting the dog; directly behind Paige is Abbie Janisch, and I am just left of Abbie.) The experience was organized as a...

Sarah Wright

Students Enjoy Summer AQUAVET® II Course

Jul 11, 2018 / Student Blogs

Last month I had the amazing opportunity to participate in AQUAVET® II: Comparative Pathology of Aquatic Animals. This two-week course is offered through Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine and takes place at Roger Williams University in Bristol, Rhode Island. The course is a natural extension of AQUAVET® I, which I took last summer, and...