Faculty Spotlight: Marcella Ridgway, VMD, MS, DACVIM (SAIM)

May 17, 2019 / Practitioner Updates

Tell us about your background I’m originally from Pennsylvania, specifically a somewhat rural area near Sewickley, a small town near Pittsburgh that is very much like a slightly larger version of Monticello, Ill. I grew up with German shepherds and horses and knew from early childhood that I wanted to be a veterinarian; I had...

Guidelines for Interpreting Serum Indices of Renal Function

Apr 16, 2019 / Practitioner Updates

Account for day-to-day variability Chronic kidney disease is a common condition in companion animals that follows an irreversible renal injury secondary to infections, exposure to toxic chemicals or drugs, or conditions causing decreased renal blood flow. The nature of chronic kidney disease is that it progresses over time. Therefore, monitoring of renal function is an...

[bassett with Malassezia dermatitis]

Malassezia Dermatitis in Dogs and Cats

Apr 15, 2019 / Practitioner Updates

ABOVE: Figure 3. Hypotrichosis and erythema of ventral neck and thorax of a Basset Hound with Malassezia dermatitis secondary to allergic dermatitis.   Malassezia dermatitis is an inflammatory condition associated with increased numbers of Malassezia yeasts on the skin that lead to dermatitis and pruritus. Predisposing factors for Malassezia proliferation and pathogenicity include increased environmental...

Faculty Spotlight: Arnon Gal, DVM, MSc, PhD, DACVIM, DACVP

Apr 15, 2019 / Practitioner Updates

Tell us about your background. I was born in Israel and awarded my DVM degree in 2001 from the Koret School of Veterinary Medicine (KSVM) at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel. After graduation, I worked in private practice for several years before attending a rotating medicine and surgery internship at KSVM. In 2006 my...

[pigs and EVP Swine]

EVP: Swine Class Enrolling Now

Mar 28, 2019 / General News

Early Registration Ends May 5 For the seventh time in its 28-year history, the Executive Veterinary Program: Swine Health Management has opened enrollment to veterinarians seeking to gain advanced skills needed by industry leaders. The program will convene at the College of Veterinary Medicine in Urbana, Ill., ten times between August 1, 2019, and February...

[Dr. Leyi Wang]

Next Generation Sequencing Technology Delivers ‘Whole Picture’

Mar 6, 2019 / Practitioner Updates

‘We can catch everything’ Over the past 18 months, the Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory has added two next generation sequencers and an outstanding faculty member—Dr. Leyi Wang—to generate and interpret results from them. Both machines deliver whole-genome sequencing of bacteria and viruses and can rapidly identify multiple agents or novel pathogens in samples. The technology of...

Faculty Spotlight: Clarissa Souza, DVM, MSc, PhD

Mar 6, 2019 / Practitioner Updates

Tell us about your background. I am originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I grew up spending most of my free time at the beach and rescuing stray animals. My family and friends tell me that since I was young they knew I would be a veterinarian. I did my veterinary degree in Brazil, followed...

[horse's hoof]

Equine Foot Pain: Treatment Options

Mar 6, 2019 / Practitioner Updates

Foot pain is the most common cause of lameness in horses. Frequent sources of foot pain include lesions in the navicular apparatus (NA), the distal aspect of the deep digital flexor (DDF) tendon, the distal interphalangeal joint (DIPJ), the collateral ligaments of the DIPJ, the distal phalanx, and the hoof capsule. Abnormalities of any of...

[newborn foal with mare]

On-farm Support of the Sick Equine Neonate

Mar 6, 2019 / Practitioner Updates

Requirements and Limitations of the On-Farm Option When neonatal foals have an illness or abnormality, the foal may be treated on the farm if the severity of the illness, value of the foal, and resources of the owner allow for that option. The veterinarian and owner should discuss the need for constant oversight of the...