November 2019

WCIA-TV News (Sept. 24) – On Sunday, University of Illinois veterinary students provided baths, nail trims, and other small checkups to help pet owners while raising money for the Piatt County Animal Shelter in Monticello….
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Diseases You Can Get from Your Pet

November 15, 2019 / In the News

Discover Magazine (Nov. 14) – Even though humans are pretty distant relatives of cats and dogs, we can still catch diseases from them simply because of how much time we spend together. “We have this…
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Blood Transfusion for Duck Comes from Owl

November 12, 2019 / In the News

WICS-TV News (Nov. 11) – The Wildlife Medical Clinic at Illinois performed an interesting blood transfusion this week, giving blood from an owl to a ring-necked duck suffering from lead toxicity was highly anemic (low…
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Chiropractic Treatment for Animals

November 05, 2019 / In the News

ciLiving (WCIA-TV; Nov 1) – Dr. Catherine Foreman-Hesterberg, an equine veterinarian working out of the college’s clinic in Farmer City, sees a wide variety of animal species for spinal adjustments to improve their movement and…
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