October 2019

The Telegraph (Alton, Ill.; Nov. 28) – The College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Illinois points out the symptoms also reflect “kennel cough or canine infectious respiratory disease complex (CIRDC), as respiratory signs…
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[four anesthesiologists at Iliinois veterinary college]

Recruiting More ‘Bright Minds’ in Anesthesia

October 09, 2019 / Message from the Dean

This message will appear in the October/November 2019 issue of the Chicago Veterinary Medical Association Bulletin. Fifth Faculty Member Arrives This Fall I’m delighted to report that over the past four years we’ve recruited from…
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[Illinois veterinary students talk to a recruiter at the job fair]

New Job Board: Help for Hiring an Illini DVM

October 08, 2019 / General News

Many Ways to Reach Current Students [row][column size=”6″] To help employers capture the attention of students, the College of Veterinary Medicine has organized formal and informal events where students and alumni can meet. We also…
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Microplastics in Food

October 08, 2019 / In the News

Washington Post (Oct. 7) – Because research into microplastics is so new, there’s not yet enough data to say exactly how they’re affecting human health, says Jodi Flaws, a professor of comparative biosciences and associate…
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[Courtney and Michael with clinician in Brazilian veterinary hospital]

Two Students, Three Weeks in Brazil

October 07, 2019 / Student Blogs

Editor’s note: Courtney Dixon (at left above, with fellow student and a Brazilian clinician) and Michael Greener traveled to Curitiba, Brazil, for an extended externship experience last summer. They each submitted a blog about the…
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Veterinary College Hosts Open House

October 07, 2019 / In the News

ciLiving (WCIA-TV; Oct. 4) – Justin Hohlen and Julie Klein, veterinary students who are part of the Open House organizing committee, described what visitors can see and do at Vet Med Open House. U of…
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