Speedy Biomedical Research with Dog Model

Jun 20, 2017 / In the News

Forbes (June 19) – The Morris Animal Foundation and Dr. Tim Fan, Professor of Medical Oncology at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, are running the innovative 5/5/5 trial to test 5 drugs, in 5 years, for less than $5 million.

EVP Beef Delivers Critical Thinking Skills

Jun 16, 2017 / In the News

Drovers (June 16) – On June 15 and 16 nearly 40 veterinarians return to Olathe, Kan., for the second module of EVP Beef, an 18-month certificate program delivered by the University of Illinois in conjunction with Kansas State University. The participants are honing leading-edge skills that will benefit their clients and enhance their careers.

Disease Risks from Ticks

Jun 15, 2017 / In the News

Chicago Tonight (WTTW; June 15) – For the past 15 years, Marilyn O’Hara Ruiz has been studying vector-borne illnesses spread by mosquitoes and ticks while a clinical professor at the University of Illinois’ College of Veterinary Medicine. While most of her research has focused on mosquitoes and West Nile virus, she “turned her attention to...

Behaviorist Comments on Treatments for Noise Aversion in Dogs

Jun 14, 2017 / In the News

Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association (June 14) – Dr. Kelly Ballantyne, a diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists, has a caseload largely of dogs with fear-related aggression, but at this time of year, at least 30 percent of her patients are dogs with noise aversion.

Farrier Service Works with Equine Vets

Jun 13, 2017 / In the News

ciLiving (WCIA-TV; June 9) – Farrier Diego Almeida and equine surgeon Dr. Santiago Gutierrez explain why it’s important for equine owners to provide regular care for their animals’ hooves.

Strategies to Reduce Excessive Barking

Jun 13, 2017 / In the News

News-Gazette (June 11) – Dr. Kelly Ballantyne, an expert from the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine, advises finding out why your pooch is barking in the first place, so you can find solutions that address the underlying issues.

Don’t Leave Pets in Cars This Summer

Jun 8, 2017 / In the News

Fox Illinois TV News (June 7) – “Leaving the windows open doesn’t matter it’s really not going to help,” clinical associate professor at the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine, Adam Stern said.

Include Animals in Disaster Planning

Jun 5, 2017 / In the News

News-Gazette (June 4) – Preparedness starts with an emergency response plan and readily accessible kit containing provisions for the entire family, advises Dr. Loukia Agapis, a veterinarian at the UI College of Veterinary Medicine in Urbana. Your pets should be part of your plan.

Necropsy Aids in Animal Cruelty Charge

Jun 5, 2017 / In the News

News-Gazette (June 5) – A necropsy conducted by a University of Illinois veterinarian concluded that the dog’s cause of death was non-accidental blunt-force trauma.