Goodbye to Cynthia!

What inspired you to be a manager at the Wildlife Medical Clinic?  Whenever anyone asked, “why did you pick the University of Illinois?”, I quickly replied that I wanted to be a part of the…
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Why we love our ambassadors and why you should too!

The Wildlife Medical Clinic Ambassador Animals are a special group of individuals that do an amazing job of representing their species and creating opportunities for all of us to learn more! Our nine ambassadors live at the University, educating students on their…
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Welcome Bri!

The Wildlife Medical Clinic would like to welcome our new student manager Bri Huff! Bri is a first-year veterinary student from Ringwood, IL. She completed her undergraduate education here at the University of Illinois, where…
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Say Hello to Patty the Opossum!

The Wildlife Medical Clinic is proud to officially present our newest Wildlife Ambassador—Patricia (Patty) the Virginia opossum! Like many of our ambassadors, Patty was first a patient at the WMC. She had been kept illegally…
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Goodbye and Good luck!

Each July brings a bittersweet transition to the Wildlife Medical Clinic, as we say goodbye to our ZooMed house officers. While the WMC is staffed by volunteer veterinary and undergraduate students, this care is supported…
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Ambassador Residence Update

After months of anticipation our animals have finally been able to enjoy their new residence! This home was built with our animal ambassador’s needs in mind. 

Diagnostics in the clinic

When a patient is brought to the Wildlife Medical Clinic, we have a multitude of options for diagnostic testing. Many of our patients undergo blood tests and radiographs (x-rays), but our options don’t stop there!…
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How Well Do You Know the WMC?

How well do you know the WMC? You’re a huge supporter of the Wildlife Medical Clinic, and now is the time to test your clinic knowledge. Answer these questions and take note of your answers….
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Conservation Themed Holiday Gift Ideas

Haven’t finished all of your holiday shopping yet? There are a ton of fun and thoughtful conservation themed gifts that you can give this season! Here are just a few ideas for gifts that will…
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