Student Blogs

Thank You, Bri!

Our wonderful student managers have one of the most important roles in the Wildlife Medical Clinic (WMC). They are the eyes on the floor that keep track of every single patient that comes through the…
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Third-Year Students’ Appreciation Post

At the Wildlife Medical Clinic, students are the doctors. Under the guidance of our faculty and staff, students learn to formulate treatment plans, work up procedure details, and be closely involved with their patients’ day-to-day…
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Wildlife Observation Guide Activity

Where can we find different wildlife species? Print out this activity and place these animals in their homes! Feel free to share your fully colored masterpieces with us on Facebook by tagging us at ‘Wildlife…
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Canada goose mom and babies

Mothers Gone Wild!

The season of spring is known for a couple of aspects. It’s the time when flowers bloom, people begin to venture outside and wildlife give birth and raise their young. Being a mom in the…
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Snakes, an animal group that frequently causes fear in people. Whether it be due to them having scales, their quick and unique locomotion, or maybe it’s the fact that some are deadly.Unfortunately, due to this…
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Hoppy Spring!

We are in the midst of the most wonderful time of year for the Eastern Cottontail Rabbit(Sylvilagus floridanus). Spring comes with plentiful food and nourishment to support thebirth of many new young rabbits. The rabbit…
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