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Just Hanging Around: Bats of Illinois

Fairy tales and tall tales recounting the lore of bats have existed for thousands of years. An early Slavic community in Romania believed bats flying over an unburied human corpse could bring them back to…
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Ambassador Sized Appetites

Our nine ambassador animals have diverse nutrition needs that require a lot of planning and preparation. Each ambassador also has their favorite (and least favorite) foods. In developing their regular diets and treats, we cater…
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Wildlife University 2022

The Non-traditional Species Club (NTS) at the UIUC College of Vet Med is excited to offer its 3rd annual Wildlife University symposium this year. This virtual 2-day event will run from October 22nd-23rd and will…
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Summer Memories

This summer 14 undergraduate students had the opportunity to volunteer at the Wildlife Medical Clinic. They were able to gain valuable hands-on animal experience caring for the orphaned animals in our clinic and assist with…
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Welcome Back!

Here at the Wildlife Medical Clinic, we are all gearing up for the 2022 to 2023 academic school year as these summer months come to an end. This summer we had nearly 800 different patients…
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Welcome Dr. Lang and Dr. Engel!

Please join us in welcoming our new House Officers to the Wildlife Medical Clinic: Dr. Danielle Lang and Dr. Aubrey Engel! We are happy to have you a part of the WMC!   We reached out…
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[Dr. Sander and team leaders on ciLiving]

Academic Year Updates

Dr. Sander and team leaders, Danielle Money and Fayth Kim talk about all the preparation that goes into the academic year as team leaders in the Wildlife Medical Clinic!

Thank You & Good Luck!

The Wildlife Medical Clinic would like to express our extreme gratitude and congratulations to Dr. Zachary Ready, Zoological and Aquatic Animal Resident, and Dr. Balbine Jourdan, Zoological Medicine Specialty Intern, for their time and dedication to the…
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Owl Craft

Did you know? An owl can rotate their necks 270 degrees!  Here you can make your own owl puppet!   Supplies: (insert photo of owl supplies)  Construction paper  Pens/pencils/markers  A small paper bag  Glue  Scissors  Step…
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