Canada goose mom and babies

Mothers Gone Wild!

The season of spring is known for a couple of aspects. It’s the time when flowers bloom, people begin to venture outside and wildlife give birth and raise their young. Being a mom in the…
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Hoppy Spring!

We are in the midst of the most wonderful time of year for the Eastern Cottontail Rabbit(Sylvilagus floridanus). Spring comes with plentiful food and nourishment to support thebirth of many new young rabbits. The rabbit…
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Odin the red-tailed hawk

Wildlife Misconceptions

One of our goals at the Wildlife Medical Clinic is to educate the public about the animals that live around us, and that sometimes involves correcting long-believed ideas. Here are four of my favorite misconceptions…
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Goodbye to Cynthia!

What inspired you to be a manager at the Wildlife Medical Clinic?  Whenever anyone asked, “why did you pick the University of Illinois?”, I quickly replied that I wanted to be a part of the…
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Spring in Illinois

As the snow melts and temperatures increase, Illinois will once again become alive with the sights, scents, and sounds of spring. Hibernating animals will emerge, butterflies and bees will be busy at work collecting pollen,…
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Say Hello to Patty the Opossum!

The Wildlife Medical Clinic is proud to officially present our newest Wildlife Ambassador—Patricia (Patty) the Virginia opossum! Like many of our ambassadors, Patty was first a patient at the WMC. She had been kept illegally…
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