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Preparing for Spring Migration

Spring migration is a magical time when birds return to their breeding grounds after a long winter. However, this journey can be perilous, with various challenges along the way. Dr. Stephany Lewis DVM CWR DABVP…
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Keep Unwanted Critters Away!

Dr. Sam Sander talks about the many ways to keep unwanted wildlife out of your homes during the colder months! 

Ambassador Sized Appetites

Our nine ambassador animals have diverse nutrition needs that require a lot of planning and preparation. Each ambassador also has their favorite (and least favorite) foods. In developing their regular diets and treats, we cater…
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Build Your Own Bird Feeder

Dr. Sam Sander, Director of Wildlife Medical Clinic, and Brianna Huff share healthy ways to feed wildlife with materials you already have at home!

One Year of Patty

At the end of June, we celebrated having our Virginia opossum ambassador, Patty, for one year! Over the course of her first year with us, she went through a complete transformation. Her journey with us…
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Snakes of Illinois

There are over 40 species of snakes found in Illinois. Their habitat range includes grasslands, swamps, ponds, lakes, forests, and rivers. Illinois is home to both venomous and nonvenomous snakes. To clarify, venomous is not…
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Snapping off a Few Facts

There are many native species of turtles found in Illinois. Arguably, one of the most memorable species that presents to the Wildlife Medical Clinic (WMC) is the common snapping turtle (Chelydra serpentina). Snapping turtles are…
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A Turtle-y Awesome Case

An adult female Eastern box turtle (Terrapene Carolina) was presented to the Wildlife Medical Clinic (WMC) in October for potential blindness. On exam, the turtle was found to have several abnormalities, including eyelids that were…
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