Wildlife Observation Guide Activity

Where can we find different wildlife species? Print out this activity and place these animals in their homes! Feel free to share your fully colored masterpieces with us on Facebook by tagging us at ‘Wildlife…
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Owl Craft

Did you know? An owl can rotate their necks 270 degrees!  Here you can make your own owl puppet!   Supplies: (insert photo of owl supplies)  Construction paper  Pens/pencils/markers  A small paper bag  Glue  Scissors  Step…
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Build Your Own Bird Feeder

Dr. Sam Sander, Director of Wildlife Medical Clinic, and Brianna Huff share healthy ways to feed wildlife with materials you already have at home!

Snake Father’s Day Craft

Did you know that there are more than 3,000 species of snakes in the world?  Here you can create your own snake to share your snake with your dad or father figure in your life…
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Picture Perfect

Wildlife photography is more than just sitting in the woods with your camera, hoping that something cool will walk past for you to photograph. There’s a whole different aspect to it that not many realize….
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Tissue Paper Butterfly Craft

Did you know? There are over 15,000 species of butterflies around the world, and about 750 butterfly species here in the United States! Butterflies come in a multitude of colors, which is created by the…
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Pumpkins and (o)possums!

Here are some wildlife friendly decoration ideas for your home and garden this fall! Plastic, metal, and wired décor can be beautiful during the holidays. But year after year, the Wildlife Medical Clinic sees critters…
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