Preparing for Spring Migration

Spring migration is a magical time when birds return to their breeding grounds after a long winter. However, this journey can be perilous, with various challenges along the way. Dr. Stephany Lewis DVM CWR DABVP…
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Winter Wildlife Safety

With the weather getting colder, many wildlife are seeking warm places to spend the winter days. Dr. Stephany Lewis and Dr. Erica Bender join CiLiving to share with the community what pest control items are…
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The Prairie State

Imagine: a grassland stretching as far as the eyes can see, dotted here and there with small patches of trees. Great herds of animals cross the land, grazing on the plentiful vegetation. The disturbance they…
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Wildlife Protection and Sustainable Sweets

As we enter spooky season, the Wildlife Medical Clinic would like to share some ways to ensure the safety of wildlife around us. Join CiLiving and Sydney Oliveira, the Wildlife Medical Clinic Program Director, to…
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The North American Flyway 

Every fall and spring, just like how thousands of students use the American highway system to return to home or school, hundreds of species of birds use a system of “flyways” to migrate according to…
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Yard Safe Tips for Wildlife

WMC Program Coordinator Sydney Oliveira and Dr. Danielle Lang share tips to be mindful of wildlife safety as we move into Spring!

How to Love Your Wildlife Neighbors

February is the month when we show love to those who are important to us. Here are some ways to show love to the wildlife in your local neighborhood: 1. Provide a habitat that is…
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The Snowy Owl

As winter creeps in, bringing its brisk winds and snowy skies, this feature is about one animal who does not mind these chills! The snowy owl (Bubo scandiacus) which is an Arctic species that periodically…
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