Wildlife Crosswords

Try your hand at our fun crosswords while learning what animals are native to our state!

Wildlife Crossword

This month, test your wildlife knowledge. Have fun! Download the crossword here. The answers are linked below. Across 3. This type of animal is a hind-gut fermenter and eats primarily grasses in the wild 6….
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Mother’s Day Matching!

With May being a month to celebrate the mothers of the world, we wanted to take the opportunity to highlight some interesting moms we see in the Wildlife Medical Clinic!  Many animals look entirely different…
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Match the Teeth to the Animal! 

Jamie Booth c/o 2023  February is National Pet Dental Health Month!  While the animals we work with are nowhere near pets, they still have some pretty cool teeth.  Take on the activity below to see how many…
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Winter Word Scramble

While we tend to stay home and avoid the cold, wildlife have developed their own ways to spend the winter. Many birds migrate, traveling to warmer areas with plentiful food and shelter. Some wildlife may…
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Winter Forage Challenge

Northern cardinals can be found in Illinois year-round. They scavenge for berries, seeds, and even the occasional hiding bug. Complete this maze to help this cardinal find some seeds!

Fact or Fiction Quiz

If you are curious about some of the myths regarding wildlife, please take our fact or fiction quiz and see how many you can get right! We hope that everyone learns something from our fun…
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Spot-It: Wildlife Edition!

We take in so many interesting patients throughout our time in the Wildlife Medical Clinic and we try to share as much as we possibly can with the public. Despite these intentions, it is sometimes…
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