Ambassador Animals Crossword Puzzle

Want to test your skills and see how much you know about our ambassador animals? Try out this cool crosswords puzzle and put your knowledge to the test! Feel free to go on our Facebook…
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Patty the Opossum Coloring Page

We love our Ambassador opossum, Patty and now she’s here for you to enjoy as a coloring page! Feel free to share your fully colored masterpieces with us on Facebook by tagging us at ‘Wildlife…
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Goose Word Search

Try your best to find some goose-related words in this word search!

Wildlife Crosswords

Try your hand at our fun crosswords while learning what animals are native to our state!

Wildlife Crossword

This month, test your wildlife knowledge. Have fun! Download the crossword here. The answers are linked below. Across 3. This type of animal is a hind-gut fermenter and eats primarily grasses in the wild 6….
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Mother’s Day Matching!

With May being a month to celebrate the mothers of the world, we wanted to take the opportunity to highlight some interesting moms we see in the Wildlife Medical Clinic!  Many animals look entirely different…
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Match the Teeth to the Animal! 

Jamie Booth c/o 2023  February is National Pet Dental Health Month!  While the animals we work with are nowhere near pets, they still have some pretty cool teeth.  Take on the activity below to see how many…
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