Wildlife Crossword

This month, test your wildlife knowledge. Have fun! Download the crossword here. The answers are linked below.


3. This type of animal is a hind-gut fermenter and eats

primarily grasses in the wild

6. Which of our ambassador animals is one of the only

sexually dimorphic (males and females look

different) species of raptor?

7. Which of our ambassador animals represents a

species from Australia?

9. Which species is commonly used as the bald eagle

call in movies?


1. What species does not get its iconic white plumage

on its head until five years of age?

2. Which species is known for its colorful stripe down

its body and acts as great rodent control?

3. Which type of animal is colloquially referred to as a

“trash panda” and uses its hands routinely?

4. What species is known for the hinge on their shell

that allows them to completely enclose themselves

for protection from predators?

5. This species is one of the most common orphans we

see in the clinic

8. This type of animal has asymmetric ears (in

different places on either side of the head) and is the

only animal we can release with only one eye

Answer Key

Download the answers here.