Ambassador Animals Crossword Puzzle

Want to test your skills and see how much you know about our ambassador animals? Try out this cool crosswords puzzle and put your knowledge to the test! Feel free to go on our Facebook…
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Patty Tribute

Several weeks ago, we made the difficult decision to humanely euthanize our resident opossum, Patty. This decision came about due to her increasing age and declining health. Patty was a huge part of our ambassador…
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Wildlife Observation Guide Activity

Where can we find different wildlife species? Print out this activity and place these animals in their homes! Feel free to share your fully colored masterpieces with us on Facebook by tagging us at ‘Wildlife…
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Canada goose mom and babies

Mothers Gone Wild!

The season of spring is known for a couple of aspects. It’s the time when flowers bloom, people begin to venture outside and wildlife give birth and raise their young. Being a mom in the…
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Odin the red-tailed hawk

Wildlife Misconceptions

One of our goals at the Wildlife Medical Clinic is to educate the public about the animals that live around us, and that sometimes involves correcting long-believed ideas. Here are four of my favorite misconceptions…
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Class of 2024 Wildlife Clinic Memories

The time has come for our third-year veterinary students (class of 2024) to move onto their year of clinical rotations, which means it is time to bid them farewell. We have asked several of our…
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Patty the Opossum Coloring Page

We love our Ambassador opossum, Patty and now she’s here for you to enjoy as a coloring page! Feel free to share your fully colored masterpieces with us on Facebook by tagging us at ‘Wildlife…
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Introducing Petunia!

Petunia, a Virginia Opossum, was brought to the Wildlife Medical Clinic in May of 2022 as a joey, which is the term used to describe a baby opossum. A Good Samaritan rescued her and her…
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Hello to our new Manager!

We are excited to announce our new incoming junior manager: Tyson Jenkins, class of 2026. Over the next 8 weeks, he will be training alongside our current managers so that he is ready to fill…
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Keep Unwanted Critters Away!

Dr. Sam Sander talks about the many ways to keep unwanted wildlife out of your homes during the colder months! https://www.wcia.com/ciliving-tv/dont-play-opossum-keep-unwanted-critters-out-of-your-home/