Class of 2024 Wildlife Clinic Memories

The time has come for our third-year veterinary students (class of 2024) to move onto their year of clinical rotations, which means it is time to bid them farewell. We have asked several of our students to share their favorite memories from volunteering here at the Wildlife Medical Clinic.

Amber Shoberg
“I have loved getting to see a wide variety of species, as well as getting to know classmates and students from other classes better.”

Allison Wallace
“My favorite memory of being a part of the wildlife medical clinic was the past two years as a team leader. I loved seeing how excited my team members would get when they caught up an owl for the first time or administered medications. It would make me feel like I was making a difference for both my patients and the newer team members.”

Fayth Kim
“How nervous I was my first day. Never had I placed a SQ needle (Injection given just under the skin, in the subcutaneous area). Never had I touched a rabbit so little. On top of that, I was overheating under my mask(s) and face shield (covid protocols at the time). It is a good reminder of just how much I’ve learned and grown during my time at the WMC.”

Basia Reed
“Tossing fish to the pelican for him to catch and eat on his own. This was extremely rewarding after initially having to assist feed him to get him eating.”

Danielle Money
“My favorite memory from WMC was working as the summer clinic intern this past summer. The days were long, but it was so much fun getting to work up so many fun cases with some of my best vet school friends! In particular, we had a Virginia opossum that came in after getting attacked by another animal. We were able to place some drains and get him healed up and released! As these critters are my FAVORITE, I was so excited to be a part of this case!”

Mackenzie Wells
“While it is hard to pin down a specific moment that’s my favorite memory, I fondly remember all the unique situations and the people that were in them with me. But I think my favorite thing to do at the WMC is take one of our ambassador birds on an on-glove walk and just enjoy a half hour with them. It forces me to slow down, appreciate the sunshine, and reflect on how lucky I am to be able to work with such incredible creatures.”