Fact or Fiction Quiz

If you are curious about some of the myths regarding wildlife, please take our fact or fiction quiz and see how many you can get right! We hope that everyone learns something from our fun quiz!

This quiz was part of the Wildlife Medical Clinic’s contributions to the annual College of Veterinary Medicine Open House, which was presented virtually this year. Check out our page and the whole Open House website!

Wildlife Friendly Halloween Decorations

The beginning of the holiday season is starting off this month with (arguably) the best holiday, Halloween! If you are anything like me, you know that decorations are some of the most fun aspects of any holiday, but we have to be careful with the kinds of things we put outside and how they appear to our native wildlife.  There is nothing better than some spooky decorations that are also safe for every critter outside.  Here is a list of some helpful dos and don’ts of decorating for spooky season! Continue reading