Remembering Derby

It is with great sadness that we share the news of the passing of our beloved resident ambassador Eastern Screech Owl, Derby.

Derby came to the Wildlife Medical Clinic as an adult in 2015 from a rehabilitation center in Kentucky (where she got her name from). She sustained a wing fracture that did not heal appropriately and thus made her non-releasable. Despite the obvious trauma that she went through, she was resilient and her calm personality made her an ideal candidate for an education program.

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Bald Eagle Update!

You may recall a case from mid-November involving a female Bald Eagle with a metacarpal fracture- if not, you can read about the initial treatments here. A bony callus had formed appropriately over the well-aligned fracture site after cage rest with a wing wrap immobilization, and all else was well with the patient, so the team had elected to transfer this patient to the Illinois Raptor Center in order to give the patient more room to exercise and strengthen the wing before release. Unfortunately, even the best-laid plans may not always work out!

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A Different Kind of Thanksgiving Bird!

On the day before Thanksgiving this year, a female mallard duck was brought to the Wildlife Medical Clinic after being hit by a car four days prior.

Physical examination found that the patient was not able to stay standing, although she was able to place her hindlimbs appropriately underneath her and move them when held in the air. No fractures were palpated, and the rest of the physical examination was generally unremarkable. Unfortunately, she appeared to have lost some waterproofing, which ducks and other aquatic birds normally need to keep their feathers dry. The patient was started on an anti-inflammatory medication and given swim time twice daily.

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