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Preparing for Spring Migration

Spring migration is a magical time when birds return to their breeding grounds after a long winter. However, this journey can be perilous, with various challenges along the way. Dr. Stephany Lewis DVM CWR DABVP…
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2022 in the Wildlife Medical Clinic

Watch Dr. Sam Sander and Sydney Oliveira on ciLiving as they talk about the past year at the Wildlife Medical Clinic in terms of how many and what animals we saw and who all helped…
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A Strong Bite

This year, an injured, adult common snapping turtle, ​​Chelydra serpentina, was brought to the Wildlife Medical Clinic after being spotted with a fishing hook stuck through its tongue. Snapping turtles are native primarily to Central…
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Keep Unwanted Critters Away!

Dr. Sam Sander talks about the many ways to keep unwanted wildlife out of your homes during the colder months! 

Welcome Dr. Lang and Dr. Engel!

Please join us in welcoming our new House Officers to the Wildlife Medical Clinic: Dr. Danielle Lang and Dr. Aubrey Engel! We are happy to have you a part of the WMC!   We reached out…
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[Dr. Sander and team leaders on ciLiving]

Academic Year Updates

Dr. Sander and team leaders, Danielle Money and Fayth Kim talk about all the preparation that goes into the academic year as team leaders in the Wildlife Medical Clinic!

Thank You & Good Luck!

The Wildlife Medical Clinic would like to express our extreme gratitude and congratulations to Dr. Zachary Ready, Zoological and Aquatic Animal Resident, and Dr. Balbine Jourdan, Zoological Medicine Specialty Intern, for their time and dedication to the…
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Build Your Own Bird Feeder

Dr. Sam Sander, Director of Wildlife Medical Clinic, and Brianna Huff share healthy ways to feed wildlife with materials you already have at home!