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Academic Year Updates

Dr. Sander and team leaders, Danielle Money and Fayth Kim talk about all the preparation that goes into the academic year as team leaders in the Wildlife Medical Clinic!

Build Your Own Bird Feeder

Dr. Sam Sander, Director of Wildlife Medical Clinic, and Brianna Huff share healthy ways to feed wildlife with materials you already have at home!

Snakes of Illinois

There are over 40 species of snakes found in Illinois. Their habitat range includes grasslands, swamps, ponds, lakes, forests, and rivers. Illinois is home to both venomous and nonvenomous snakes. To clarify, venomous is not…
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Picture Perfect

Wildlife photography is more than just sitting in the woods with your camera, hoping that something cool will walk past for you to photograph. There’s a whole different aspect to it that not many realize….
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A Turtle-y Awesome Case

An adult female Eastern box turtle (Terrapene Carolina) was presented to the Wildlife Medical Clinic (WMC) in October for potential blindness. On exam, the turtle was found to have several abnormalities, including eyelids that were…
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Spring in Illinois

As the snow melts and temperatures increase, Illinois will once again become alive with the sights, scents, and sounds of spring. Hibernating animals will emerge, butterflies and bees will be busy at work collecting pollen,…
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Why we love our ambassadors and why you should too!

The Wildlife Medical Clinic Ambassador Animals are a special group of individuals that do an amazing job of representing their species and creating opportunities for all of us to learn more! Our nine ambassadors live at the University, educating students on their…
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