Third-Year Students’ Appreciation Post

At the Wildlife Medical Clinic, students are the doctors. Under the guidance of our faculty and staff, students learn to formulate treatment plans, work up procedure details, and be closely involved with their patients’ day-to-day care. However, what is often critical in these decision-making steps is the support from their team leaders and senior classmates. Peer mentoring is one of the foundations of the student learning experience in the wildlife clinic. Senior students on the team are often the first point of support when their teammates seek advice on their patients.

They provide insight and guidance through their own experiences and are excellent mentors for our newer volunteers. Now that spring break has ended, the third quarter has officially closed, and third-year students have received their white coats. The third-year veterinary students will begin their clinical rotations for their final year of vet school. Words cannot describe how excited we are for their upcoming journey and while we are sad to see them leaving the clinic, we wish them the best in their future endeavors. Below, we would like to share some of the numerous quotes and well wishes given to our third-year student volunteers by our first and second-year student volunteers.

This image shows our past senior manager, two volunteers and a house officer preforming an exam on a wildlife animal.

Christina, after being on a team with you for the last three years, I am so glad we were able to be team leaders together! You are an amazing teacher and always lighten the mood during the hardest days. Your jokes and ability to hold the team together have made you a valuable member of AMCO! We know you’ll be doing the same on clinics and we hope you have a great time!! Good luck Christina!! – Jacob, Class of 2026

Third-year veterinary student Grace assisting with a surgery!

Jess, thank you so much for being a ray of light in the clinic! You have been a gem on the team. You have taught me so much, and really believed in me as a team lead. We will miss you on MAMO! I’m glad you got your WMC bucket list item checked off and finally got to hold an eagle – Maya, Class of 2026

Reagan, you have been such a wonderful team lead, teacher, and friend. You have become an amazing person to go to for knowledge, support, and advice for both in the clinic and just life in general. I have loved being able to work with you. – Riley, Class of 2027

Theo, I feel SO lucky to have had you as a team lead last year and a co-team lead this year! You have added so much to my learning and experiences not only in the WMC but in vet school as a whole. Thank you for your constant patience, kindness and support and for being a wonderful example of a team member and a leader! You will be missed, but I cannot wait to see what amazing things you will continue to do in clinics and the future! – Sofia, Class of 2026

Third year Marisa doing a surgical procedure on a avian species.

Macy, It has been so amazing to learn from you over the past 2 years. You have been such an amazing mentor to me, for both wildlife things and for how to be a leader. I have always loved the chaotic energy and sense of humor you brought to the clinic. It always made working shifts with you so enjoyable. Good luck in clinics! I know you’ll be amazing! – Angela, Class of 2026

Abbie, I have loved getting to work alongside you during my time in the WMC. You were always eager to help me and provide encouragement for things in and outside of the WMC. Not only are you confident in your knowledge, but you are also an excellent teacher that has taught me most of what I know in the clinic. I have no doubt that you will be an outstanding clinician and that you are going to do amazing in your clinicals!! – Rachel, Class of 2027

Written by YiYing, Class of 2026