Conservation Themed Holiday Gift Ideas

Haven’t finished all of your holiday shopping yet? There are a ton of fun and thoughtful conservation themed gifts that you can give this season! Here are just a few ideas for gifts that will…
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In Memory of Poppy

Thank you to Randy and Patricia Rushing for sponsoring a day at the Wildlife Medical Clinic.  They chose to sponsor November 27th in honor of their beloved golden retriever Poppy. Poppy joined their family as…
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Looking to the Future

41 years ago, the Wildlife Medical Clinic began operation at the University of Illinois Veterinary Teaching Hospital. While the program started small, in the following years the WMC would grow to treat over 2,000 patients…
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[Ruby the Red-tailed Hawk poses outside]

The Lady in Red: Meet Ruby!

By Mary Kate Feldner, University of Illinois veterinary student We are proud to officially announce the addition of Ruby, a red-tailed hawk, to the resident ambassador team at the Wildlife Medical Clinic! After months of…
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Resident Spotlight: Onslo!

Meet Onslo, our resident northern blue-tongued skink (Tiliqua scincoides intermedia)! Blue tongued-skinks have a long, flat body with short limbs and are native to Australia. Their unique blue tongue is an adaptation to avoid predation….
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Delphine Trainer Chat

In 2018, the Wildlife Medical Clinic welcomed Delphine, a female Virginia opossum. She was initially brought to the Wildlife Medical Clinic after a well-intentioned member of the public attempted to rehabilitate her. Unfortunately, this led…
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Critters Uncaged: Hibernation

This week on ciLiving, Dr. Reich brought spoke about the different strategies that animals take to ride out the long, cold winters experienced in Illinois and elsewhere!

Remembering Derby

It is with great sadness that we share the news of the passing of our beloved resident ambassador Eastern Screech Owl, Derby. Derby came to the Wildlife Medical Clinic as an adult in 2015 from…
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Resident Animals Celebrate Halloween!

Part of caring for resident wildlife includes providing different forms of enrichment for them to interact with and enjoy. This Halloween, each resident was given a pumpkin to help get them into the festive spirit!…
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Flight Cage Update

I was a freshman at the University of Illinois studying Animal Sciences when I first saw the Wildlife Ambassadors. I was sitting in a lecture hall for a Pre-Vet Club meeting on a Tuesday evening…
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