Ambassador Residence Update

After months of anticipation our animals have finally been able to enjoy their new residence! This home was built with our animal ambassador’s needs in mind. 

The birds have large outdoor patios that give them plenty of space to spread their wings. You’ll notice different sized branches and new places for them to hide. Even though she’s the smallest of the bunch, Thistle has taken to sitting on the highest ledge in her patio. If you visit her, make sure to look up! River the bald eagle even has a private in-ground swimming pool of her own! In case our birds decide they’re tired of the sunshine, they always have access to an attached indoor space. Delphine, the Virginia opossum, has her own room so she can sleep the day away undisturbed by the other ambassadors. Our reptile ambassadors have been upgraded to new tanks and indoor spaces to roam.

We want to thank Richard P. Sivicek for his gift that has allowed us to build our Ambassador’s their new home. We would also like to acknowledge other donors, especially the Wildlife Support Fund, whose contributions allow us to care for these ambassadors and our wildlife patients, as well as train our students. Without all of you, this would not be possible.