Lifestyles of the Enriched and Famous

We have several permanent animal ambassadors at the Wildlife Medical Clinic. These individuals provide special opportunities for our volunteers and the community to connect with these animals and spread a message of conservation. Most began…
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Diagnostics in the clinic

When a patient is brought to the Wildlife Medical Clinic, we have a multitude of options for diagnostic testing. Many of our patients undergo blood tests and radiographs (x-rays), but our options don’t stop there!…
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WMC in the News: Ring-necked Duck Case

Our Facebook friends were in for quite a ride following our recent Ring-necked duck patient’s case! The initial details of the case were even featured on Fox Illinois- read the article here: https://foxillinois.com/news/local/ui-wildlife-clinic-performs-blood-transfusion-from-owl-to-duck!

Tips on Keeping Critters Out This Winter

https://www.facebook.com/ciliving/videos/1208076062726604/?v=1208076062726604 This November, Wildlife Medical Clinic Director Dr. Sander and third-year veterinary student Ally brought our ambassador ball python, Bucket, with them to visit ciLiving and chat about the different ways wild animals make it…
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Wildlife Cuddling – Strongly Discouraged

We can all agree that our wildlife patients are beautiful, interesting, and yes, sometimes incredibly adorable.  Many (let’s be honest, all) of our patients are just the cutest! While everyone has the desire to cuddle…
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Partnering with Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitators

Injured wildlife have complex needs and often require several weeks of care. Licensed wildlife rehabilitators utilize their extensive knowledge, training, and experience to ensure these animals can go back to the wild and fulfill their…
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A Visit to the Wildlife Medical Clinic

https://www.facebook.com/ciliving/videos/648236295697004/UzpfSTYxNDA1ODg5MzI4OjEwMTU3NTUxMDk0MDQ0MzI5/ If you’ve ever brought an injured or sick animal to the Wildlife Medical Clinic, you might wonder what we do for our patients. Our student-run facility takes care of these animals much like your…
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Little Garter Snake with a Big Problem

Student Blog by Yvonne Wong, VM 21 In November, a juvenile Common Garter Snake presented to the Wildlife Medical Clinic. The little snake, just 30 grams or around 1 ounce, was found in a basement!…
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