Tips on Keeping Critters Out This Winter

This November, Wildlife Medical Clinic Director Dr. Sander and third-year veterinary student Ally brought our ambassador ball python, Bucket, with them to visit ciLiving and chat about the different ways wild animals make it through cold Illinois winters. Here are some tips from the video:

  • Wildlife tend to start finding places for the winter as the weather is turning colder, which could mean more chances for them to come into someone’s house, garage, or barn
  • Preventing rodent entry from the start & minimize/eliminate rodent bait & glue traps when possible is ideal
    • This avoids ingestion of the bait but unintended species, pets, or children.
  • Remove food sources (trash bags, bird feeders, etc) & keep garbage cans closed to decrease animal interest in the spaces; feed your pets inside/raised off the ground when possible to minimize food access for wildlife; clean grill regularly & don’t put food scraps in the garden, secure & cover any compost
  • Identify & seal shut any potential entry holes, especially leading to your attic, garage, or basement; repair damaged vent screens or install vent covers where possible
  • Wildlife trappers exist & can help remove an unwanted wild animal from a human living situations