Otters in Urbana??

Each year, we care for more than 100 different species in the Wildlife Medical Clinic, which is one of the most interesting aspects of volunteering there! While we can count on some species to always…
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WMC in the News: Ring-necked Duck Case

Our Facebook friends were in for quite a ride following our recent Ring-necked duck patient’s case! The initial details of the case were even featured on Fox Illinois- read the article here:!

Tips on Keeping Critters Out This Winter This November, Wildlife Medical Clinic Director Dr. Sander and third-year veterinary student Ally brought our ambassador ball python, Bucket, with them to visit ciLiving and chat about the different ways wild animals make it…
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Gosling Rescue in the news!

WCIA 3 News joined Dr. Sarah Reich and some of our student volunteers as they ventured out yesterday to rescue some goslings from a rooftop! The patio was a great place for the adults to…
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Canada Goose Release!

On February 6th, the Illinois Raptor Center transferred a Canada goose to us that was found in Decatur, IL unable to fly with a wound on one elbow. Injuries near a joint must be specifically…
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Dr. Sander Speaks about Hibernation

Check out Dr. Sander, the newest clinician to the Wildlife Medical Clinic, who talks about wildlife winter survival strategies in the newest episode of ciLiving! 

40th Anniversary Clinic Video Tour

This year the Wildlife Medical Clinic celebrates its 40th anniversary! To celebrate, we want to take you on a virtual tour of our new clinic space led by our very own Dr. Reich. We were…
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Critters Uncaged- Pigeons

This week on ciLiving, Dr. Reich brought in a rather unusual patient to us in the clinic- a domestic pigeon! The patient’s temperament and the presence of a zip-tie ‘band’ around one leg led us…
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It Takes A Village!

While the weather may not agree, the wild animals of Illinois seem to have decided that springtime is here! Our clinic is once again filling with orphaned infant and juvenile animals in need of care….
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Resident Birds in Slow Motion

Several veterinary students volunteer to provide behavioral enrichment and husbandry care for our resident birds. Check out this slow motion video of Odin and Nokomis catching food for enrichment! Video credit: Evan Emmel (vm18)