Why we love our ambassadors and why you should too!

The Wildlife Medical Clinic Ambassador Animals are a special group of individuals that do an amazing job of representing their species and creating opportunities for all of us to learn more! Our nine ambassadors live at the University, educating students on their…
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Winter Time in Illinois

While the wintertime blues can be triggered during the shorter days and colder temperatures winter brings, we also tend to see an exciting change in the wildlife population during this time. Some birds, bats and insects migrate out of Illinois and head towards warmer weather…
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Frogs that can’t freeze

By Cassie Lynch, C/O 2023 As winter approaches, many local species prepare for the colder temperatures by relocating, growing a thicker fur coat, and even hibernating. We often think of birds, foxes, and bears as…
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The Tricky Turtle

By: Fayth Kim This female, adult red-eared slider presented in May with fractures to her carapace, bridge, and plastron (all the areas of her shell). She was originally found on the side of the road…
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Let’s Paint a Story: All About Painted Turtles

Painted turtles are arguably one of the most fascinating species of turtle in the Midwest. There are several subspecies, including the Eastern, Midland, Southern, and Western painted turtles, whose habitats range throughout much of the…
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Garter Snakes

Jamie Booth c/ o 2023 With summer finally creeping out, we are starting to see some of our warm weather wildlife starting to emerge! The most common snake in Illinois is the garter snake, and…
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Native or Not Quiz

Use your wildlife knowledge to guess if the animals pictured are native to Illinois!

Quarantine Scavenger Hunt!

If you are anything like many of us at the Wildlife Medical Clinic, then staying at home 24/7 takes a toll on you! However, this is a wonderful chance to spend some time outside (while…
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