Small Mammals

an older dog sits with its owner

Euthanasia allows pet parents and veterinary doctors to give a pet a peaceful end to its pain and suffering. The decision to pursue euthanasia, however, may be difficult for owners because of conflicting emotions and…
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[Dr. Krista Keller poses with a pet rabbit]

Brush Up on Dental Problems in Pet Rabbits

September 16, 2017

Rabbits’ teeth grow throughout their lifetime A diet of grass and hay is a real grind for your pet bunny’s teeth. That’s why rabbit teeth have evolved to grow continually, to accommodate the wear and…
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[FEMA workers rescue a dog from a flooded neighborhood]

Be Prepared: Include Pets in Disaster Planning

May 22, 2017

Emergency responders help all household members “You may not be able to prevent a disaster from occurring, but you can reduce its impact with a little planning,” advises Dr. Loukia Agapis, a veterinarian at the…
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