University of Illinois students visit Danville to help with a community medicine clinic

Is it really necessary to test your pets for certain diseases at the annual veterinary visit? And what about paying for vaccinations and monthly preventive medications? Dr. Gene Pavlovsky, director of Veterinary Medicine South Clinic,…
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photo illustration of boxer and heart

Dilated Cardiomyopathy: The Big Heart Disease

March 04, 2024

This one’s for all the gentle giants, dashing Danes, and persnickety pinschers. Owners frequently tell others about their dog’s “big heart.” But what if that is not a reference to the dog’s lovable personality? Dr….
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Arnie from Chicago at an 8-week puppy visit

How to Prepare for Your New Puppy

February 01, 2024

Adding a new four-legged member to your family? Dr. Alyssa Baratta-Martin, a primary care veterinarian at the University of Illinois Veterinary Medicine South Clinic in Urbana, explains what owners will likely encounter when bringing their…
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a corgi stands in snow and sunshine

Winter Safety for Dogs

December 15, 2023

As the days inch further and further into winter and frigid temperatures, Dr. Gene Pavlovsky, director of the University of Illinois Veterinary Medicine South Clinic, has important winter safety tips for those caring for pets….
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Hand holding a newborn puppy

Fading Puppy Syndrome: When Puppies Fail to Thrive

November 27, 2023

Is there anything more sweet and cuddly than weeks-old puppies? Sadly, not every little pup lives long enough to start eating solid food. Dr. Alyssa Baratta-Martin, a veterinarian who recently joined the primary care service…
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photo illustration of dog getting a shot

What Monoclonal Antibodies Can Do for Your Pet

November 06, 2023

You go to the vet’s office with your dog who is having allergy issues … again. After an exam, the veterinarian recommends a new monoclonal antibody therapy. One injection once a month sounds too good…
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dog eating its diet

What’s the Right Diet for Your Dog?

October 27, 2023

Taking a quick trip to the pet store can be challenging, given the myriad of options now available. In particular, there is a confusing and even frustrating array of diets for our canine companions. Dr….
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poster for Open House 2023

Have a Super Time at Vet Med Open House

September 18, 2023

This year the annual Open House at the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine wants visitors to know that “Veterinarians Are Superheroes.” (Although they don’t—usually—wear capes.) People of all ages are encouraged to attend…
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