University of Illinois students visit Danville to help with a community medicine clinic

Is it really necessary to test your pets for certain diseases at the annual veterinary visit? And what about paying for vaccinations and monthly preventive medications? Dr. Gene Pavlovsky, director of Veterinary Medicine South Clinic,…
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photo illustration of dog getting a shot

What Monoclonal Antibodies Can Do for Your Pet

November 06, 2023

You go to the vet’s office with your dog who is having allergy issues … again. After an exam, the veterinarian recommends a new monoclonal antibody therapy. One injection once a month sounds too good…
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Whisper on an exam table in Vet Med South Clinic

Bring Your Cat to a Cat Friendly Clinic

August 06, 2023

Cat lovers, get ready to celebrate! August 22 is National Bring Your Cat to the Vet Day! If the idea of bringing your kitty to see the veterinarian strikes you as the opposite of a…
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a cat looking out the window

Radioactive Iodine for Hyperthyroid Cats

April 07, 2023

So, your cat was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, and your veterinarian is recommending radioactive iodine. What is it? Is it effective? Is it painful? Dr. Arnon Gal, a small animal internal medicine specialist at the University…
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dachshund with spring flowers

’Tis the Season for Pet Allergies

March 16, 2023

Pets may be plagued with allergies at any time of the year, according to Dr. Jennifer Clegg, a veterinarian who is completing a residency in dermatology at the University of Illinois Veterinary Teaching Hospital in…
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dog wearing a blue hat and smiling

Pet’s Oral Health Needs Regular Attention

February 02, 2023

What kind of “hat” is designed for your pet’s mouth? The “COHAT,” of course! COHAT stands for comprehensive oral health assessment and treatment. Misty Croy, a certified veterinary technician with the dentistry and oral surgery…
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The necropsy room at the Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory.

Necropsy Reveals Cause of Death, and Much More

January 26, 2023

Like an autopsy in human medicine, a necropsy allows veterinarians to glean a wide range of information about a deceased patient. What steps are involved in performing a necropsy? And why would a necropsy be…
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