pet bunny in orange hutch with blue background

COVID-19 hasn’t been the only global pandemic arriving on our shores recently. A new variant of rabbit hemorrhagic disease virus (RHDV), previously common in wild rabbits in Europe, Asia, and Australia, was first detected in…
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pet rabbit lying on bamboo mat

Keep Flea Products Away from Rabbits

July 06, 2023

As every rabbit owner knows, pet rabbits can be quite curious and sometimes quite mischievous. That’s why it is extremely important for owners not to leave anything harmful or toxic in areas that the rabbit…
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[Dr. Krista Keller poses with a pet rabbit]

Brush Up on Dental Problems in Pet Rabbits

September 16, 2017

Rabbits’ teeth grow throughout their lifetime A diet of grass and hay is a real grind for your pet bunny’s teeth. That’s why rabbit teeth have evolved to grow continually, to accommodate the wear and…
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