photo illustration of boxer and heart

This one’s for all the gentle giants, dashing Danes, and persnickety pinschers. Owners frequently tell others about their dog’s “big heart.” But what if that is not a reference to the dog’s lovable personality? Dr….
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[maine coon cat heart disease]

Heart Disease in Cats: Seeking Answers

October 08, 2018

Heart disease is harder to detect in cats than in dogs Cats and dogs may occupy similar places in people’s hearts, but when it comes to the two species’ hearts—and heart disease—there are a lot…
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[Reddington with Jane Do]

Hope for Heartworm-Positive Dogs

March 19, 2018

shelters often euthanize heartworm-positive dogs Reddington probably didn’t realize it, but he was in a bad spot. Not only was the dog living in an animal shelter, he had also tested positive for heartworm disease….
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[patient with pacemaker is very active]

Pacemakers Solve Canine Heart Problems

July 18, 2017

‘They are more common than you think’ The heart is essential to the body, regardless of the species. Luckily, when dogs have heart problems, veterinary cardiologists, like Dr. Ryan Fries at the University of Illinois…
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